Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Door, an Armoire, and a Mishmash

This post is kind of a 'mishmash' of things, so please bear with me!

First of all, Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad!  I'm blessed to have an amazing dad who has always been supportive, generous, and loving (and sometimes ornery, too!) And Happy Birthday to him, too, as he'll be turning a feisty 78 years old (unbelievable!) on Monday!  Love you, 'Bubs'!

Next I want to thank everyone who entered my 2 Year Blogiversary giveaway!!  Keith picked a name out of a jar, and it was Sandy A. from Texas.  Congrats to Sandy! :)

Now the rest is kind of a 2-part post.

Part 1:  I was at a garage sale last weekend and when I spotted this fantastic door leaning against the garage, my heart started beating faster!

Another girl was looking at it, and I held my breath then rushed over to claim it as soon as she walked away!

My mom and I come across doors fairly often and we buy them for the shop, but I've never seen one with a cool arched top like this, and at a reasonable price no less!

I had this pale green cart upstairs for awhile then took it to the shop.  I'm surprised it didn't sell!  But since I'm adding these pale greens and blues here and there, back home with me it came!  I placed it in front of the door and added some goodies to it.

On top, a vase of dried hydrangeas, a metal and glass birdhouse, and a chippy corbel...

...on the middle shelf, a white metal tray topped with a couple of grain sacks and dried lavender...

...and on the bottom a large white-washed crate to hold magazines...

Now this door is bigger than I realized.  When we got home I quickly discovered that we don't have a lot of available wall space to lean this on, and I had an 'Oh, crap, where am I going to put this?!' moment.  I just had to find a spot for this amazing door!

It ended up in our living room, on a somewhat small slice of wall between our tv armoire and the fireplace/mantel. I do really like the look of the cart in front of the door, but it all looks a little crammed in this space and I'm not sure that I can live with it here...we'll see.  I may have to figure out a plan B.

Ok, now onto the elephant armoire in the room...

I never show this because I don't like it anymore.  We bought it off Craig's List a few years ago.  It was originally purchased from Arhaus and still new in the plastic!  We were getting a larger tv, and I wanted something to hide it, and this was a good deal.
The panels on the doors are a botanical print, kind of colorful, which I loved at the time, but my taste has changed (maybe a few thousand times since then-lol!) and getting a new one isn't really an option.
(I don't even think I have a picture of the doors.)

Here's my dilemma...I don't paint. Please don't judge!  I know that every single person in blogland paints and I admire you all, but it's just not my forte.  So I've been too chicken to take a paint brush to this monster, which I know has the potential to be gorgeous.

So I came up with a way to make this armoire more neutral until I have the guts to paint it.

I attached old sheet music to it!

I tore sheets and taped (yes, there's a million small pieces of tape) them randomly to the doors.

I didn't want to do anything permanent, and had this old sheet music on hand, so I tore and taped my little heart out!

And it's (somewhat) done the trick for a little while...

...but I think it's time to go for it and put a pretty coat of white or cream paint on this baby!

Unless any of you want to be a doll and come over and paint it for me...???  ;)

No takers?  Oh, well...a girl can dream...

As for the door, maybe it will grow on me never know!

Thanks for sticking with me through this mishmash of a post!
Have a wonderful week ahead :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your feisty Dad! lol And happy father's day to him, too!
    I actually love the armoire. Is that kind of a green color? It is really quite pretty the way it my humble opinion. lol
    And the DOOR--OH the DOOR! What a fantastic piece that is! I absolutely LOVE it! If you can't find wall space for it-you can always sleep with it! It is fantastic!

    I am kind of like you- I am chicken to paint SOME things. I have a few good pieces that I would be afraid to paint. I don't mind that others paint things-just that I can't do it sometimes.

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday to your dad and happy father's day to him. Happy 2 year blog anniversary to you too. So sorry I missed the giveaway. I love your armoire and door too and they look so pretty in you house. Enjoy your Sunday and week.

  3. That door was a great find, Susan! I'd have been planning in my head where I could put it myself. Love a door with a curved top. I'm sure you will figure something out for it and the cart. If I lived closer I'd be more than happy to come and paint! : ) You can do this, Susan!

  4. The thing I love about painting is that it is so forgiving. You'll paint one coat on and think you've made a huge mistake and then by the time the second coat is on, all is good with the world. But in the meantime your sheet music and scotch tape looks great! And that window is amazing. I bet the girl who was looking at it first is kicking herself right about now :)

  5. I would find a spot for the door is a fantastic statement.

  6. I just LoVe the door! What a fantastic find! I love what you have done with the doors on your cabinet too. Funny, how the color green is popping up everywhere again.
    Your Dad are so lucky to still have him. Have a wonderful Fathers Day.
    Hugs Marg

  7. Wow ~ your new arched top door is gorgeous!!! Would I ever love to find one like it!

    I'm not such a fan of painting anymore, so I think your solution to redo the doors on the armoire is both brilliant and pretty. You have so many great ideas!

    Hope your dad has a great Father's Day!

  8. I love your arched top door, Susan! I found a similar door a few years ago at the ReStore and drove the hour home with it hanging over 3 feet out of the back hatch of our Matrix. What a trip! I loved the door, but I could never find a spot where I liked it, so this winter we hauled it on our kayak racks to our daughter's house....4 hours away. Yikes! She has the perfect spot for it. As for your armoire, go for it! With chalk paint you can't go wrong! I repainted mine this winter with homemade chalk paint and it was so easy. A light sanding is all the prep you need and I painted right over the ugly door hinges. Good luck!

  9. Happy, happy to your dad. In awe of the door - such a beauty. It does look a bit cramped in the space. If the armoire was painted to match the chippy patina of the door I think it would be more cohesive. You can do it. The sheet music was a brilliant idea for a sort-term solution.

  10. Lovely post Susan. Your dad looks great. I have been so busy being outdoors, vacations and camping it has left little time for much else. Sure enjoying the nice weather. Have a wonderful day! Love love love the door!

  11. I love your arched door!!! so very pretty! and I would come over to help you paint in a heart beat! how about painting the cupboard cream and then paint just the door panels in chalkboard paint?
    looking forward to seeing what you decide to do ~

  12. Wow, that person who walked away from the door must of been nuts? But so happy you scored just a great looking door. I didn't know you had a blog anniversary, I'm having major problems not getting my blog feeds. So happy blogaversary girl! I love the armouir with the sheet music on it, I actually don't mind the color of it. Makes everything next to it pop! Happy birthday to your Dad! Have a great day and sorry I missed you blogaversary!

  13. Oh Susan that door is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to bring that with you when you come to visit me in the fall. OMG I want that door. Pack it up sister!! Congrats to Sandy on your give away. Two years in blogland woooo hoooo! Happy Dad's Day to your dad. What a cute picture of you and him. Love it. Have a great day.

  14. No words for the arched door......

    You know I will come paint the armoire and maybe you will let me modge podge the sheet music permanently on the doors :)

  15. Susan,
    A very enjoyable mishmash for sure. First I want to wish your Dad both a Happy Dad's day and Birthday. Second OMGosh that door! I-L-O-V-E-IT ... Third Susan you rock the vignette, just in case I haven't mentioned that before, like every comment! You truly are talented with arranging your treasures. Fourth, the armoire is a lovely shade and I think adds warmth and character, I really think the torn sheet music is über chic. I would adhere it with watered down Elmer's glue (on the back and any bleed through will not show) then when completely dry I'd take a glaze and top coat it and then wipe a wax with a darker tint (like a Bri-Wax) on it to protect the top but also enhance the wonderful nuance of the torn sheet music, as the wax would highlight it beautifully.
    I understand your love of the soft blue and green hues as they make your house sing.
    You rock girl and by the way your photo with Dad shows an inner glow and sweetness that you have in your adorable face.

  16. Oh I almost forgot congrats to Sandy from Texas, that was a beautiful giveaway.

  17. That looks great - I would have loved to win it!! I am always looking for new home decor Door ideas. I'll be back to read more in the door.
    DIY Project

  18. Your door is SPECTACULAR!!!! I LOVE the arch!! When I buy something I think I can't live without but don't really know where it's going, I walk around my house a few times hunting for just the right spot. Sometimes it takes me a day or two to find that right spot, but there's always success! :-))
    And when it comes to painting...not my think either, unless painting a picture frame counts. I'm still hoping one of the fabulous painters in blogland will move onto my street, or at least in my neighborhood. Anyway...I kind of like the idea of the sheet music for now.
    Mary Alice

  19. Oh that feeling you see something you gotta have and someone else is looking at it just hope they pass it up so you can score! What a great find that door it!
    Have fun with your decorating.

  20. I hope you're all able to celebrate Father's Day and your father's birthday together. Such a sweet picture of the two of you. I would have brought that door home without a clue about where I'd put it. Good think you grabbed it when you did. Love all your vintage touches especially the corbel. I honestly thought it was a piece of carrot cake when I first saw it...that's where my mind is. I think the doors look so charming with the sheet music, but I it would also be fabulous with a coat of fresh paint. You can do it!!!

  21. I love the door! I can see using it in many ways--first of all to display family photos! It is so cool. I was thinking that maybe the armoire could be painted to look as if it is a window looking out on a scene! You could add some architectural pieces to it to give it interest. Lots of ideas. I would research online for ideas!

  22. I love the door, and I'll bet you find the perfect place for it. Clever way to work with your armoire, too!

  23. I found a door like that at a garage sale 15 years ago. I kept it in my garage for five years and then I bought this building. Guess what? It fit the arched opening between the kitchen and the front of the building perfectly! Love the cart, that is a much older one than the usual 1950's ones I find. Perfect color, too.

  24. That door! What a wonderful find. I'm so glad you got it before the other girl did. :)

    I don't like to paint either. In fact, I have two doors on a sawhorses in my garage. They've been there almost a year. I might actually paint one of them this week....just so I can park in the garage again.

  25. Love, love, love the arched door...what a great find!! Love the color of the green soft and pretty!

  26. Oh my gosh, can't believe you found that door! What was the lady thinking that passed it up? Happy for you that she did! I like the solution for your armoire. I did book pages inside of an armoire for one of my guest rooms and really like it. Happy Birthday to your dad.

  27. Congrats to Sandy!!
    Happy Birthday to your dad :)
    I love the little green cart and the door is fabulous! What a super find!!!
    As far as the armoire, yes it probably needs paint but I do like the sheet music you added.
    Maybe it will get you through the summer season when you want to be outside more and then in the fall you can make that your first project, I believe you can do it Susan!!! I should share a photo of my armoire that I'm thinking of painting, then you would see that your piece will be easy peasy!!!
    Enjoy a beautiful week ahead! Blessings, Cindy

  28. Wow Susan, that door is amazing! I'm sure after you live with it a bit you'll know just where you want it. That cart is so darling, I can't believe it didn't sell either. I really can't imagine how fun it must be to rotate pretty things from your shop to your home and back again. I like the sheet music on the armoire. I'll bet some sweet blogging friend will show up to help you paint :) Love the picture of you and your dad!


  29. I love how us gals think the same....I would have ran to that beautiful door just the same! Find a friend who will help you take the "plunge in the paint"...that may be a little easier! Congrats to Sandy and you for your 2 yr. blogging anniversary...... and that is a great pic of you and your Father! Blessings~~~Roxie

  30. I would have nabbed that door for sure! I also love the green cart. I'm no expert but I do enjoy a good painting project every now and again...if I can learn to paint, anyone can! I say Go for it! xo Kathleen

  31. you lucky girl--that door is simply fabulous!! love the armoire, and you know, i'd slap white paint on it in a heart beat:) no judging! your dad doesn't look ornery:) congrats to sandy!!

  32. What a great door!...I would have held my breath too hoping the person would walk is magnificent! it in that space too....Wow, and the armoire still in the plastic from Arhaus?...I love your solution to covering up the botanical decor....glad you had a great Father's Day with your lovely dad! the pic!

  33. I love your new arched glass door! Gosh, I would love to have that in my house too. What do you mean, you don't paint?! Really???? There's nothing to it. Did you paint when you were a kid? It's the same thing, only bigger. What abuot your husband? He could paint it. It really would look fabulous with a coat of paint. Don't be intimidated by all the painting "experts" out there. A simple paintbrush, paint, and dropcloth is all you need to get started. I would come over and help you if you lived closer. It would be fun!

  34. Oh, that arched door! What a fantastic find!
    There is no way you will mess up the armoire.
    Just start painting! You will fall in love.
    As always, I love all your sweet vignettes and styling.
    xo, T.

  35. OMG Susan, you and Kris find the best doors. Love this one big time and all your touches, what a great mishmash!!!!


  36. Love your door! And I love your sheet music solution. Hey, I thot I was the only one who didn't paint! So nice to have company...

  37. First, I love the photo of you and your dad! And the doors on the chest. And the hydrangeas. And the Rue du Louvre box. And... everything!

  38. Happy Birthday to your Dad, Susan! It's a sweet picture of you two. The door was an incredible find and you were lucky to snatch it up. It's really amazing that the lovely cart didn't sell. I love the color.
    Have a great week!

  39. I do love that door and everything you did to style it, Susan. The work you've already put into the armoire turned out really nice (can't tell it's taped but I was staring at the first photo and thought, "that doesn't look like botanicals, maybe she meant the inside of the doors", lol). Painting that sucker is going to be a big job (emptying contents, moving, etc.). I'd leave it like it is and just play around with placement of the door if it bothers you much longer. I love the pale greens and blues, btw. It's always a mystery when a piece that you think is the bee's knees doesn't sell right away, isn't it?

  40. What a wonderful mishmashed post! Congrats to your sweet Dad! LOVE the photo of you guys. The little green table should have sold.. it's adorable! And that elephant is just waiting for you to pick up the paint brush. I hope you go for it. If I can do it, anyone can. I just haven't gotten the nerve to paint my kitchen cabinets... so I do know how you feel. I like the music paper on the doors. And I like your spunk, with the millions of pieces of tiny tape.. ha! Gotta love your determination :)


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