Monday, June 29, 2015

Tombstone Bread Board

Hi, friends!

Yes, I know it's been quite awhile since I last posted!

Things have been good, and I've been enjoying my summer (although it's flying by too fast!)
I hope that you've been enjoying yours, too.

I thought I'd pop in and show you one of my new favorite finds.

I love old bread boards and have a few, but this shape was new to me.

At the shop where I got it, it was marked 'Tombstone Bread Board' on the tag...did you know that's what this shape is called?

I guess it makes sense, although it's kind of morbid-ha!
But regardless, I love the shape and the price was VERY reasonable, so it came home with me!

I decided to use it as a 'tray' on my dining room table.

I placed it on top of a 'new' vintage grain sack that I recently got, then topped it with a sweet little cherub statue...

...and a faux plant covered with a large glass cloche that I've had in storage...

I think it gives a bit of a 'farmhouse garden vibe' to my dining room table!

I've made a couple of other small tweaks to my dining room, too.

Like in this corner I changed a few things...

...and I went to all white chairs (although still mismatched) around the table, where before I had some black chairs mixed in...

But other areas are surprisingly untouched by my frequent decor changes!

Just some subtle changes to show you...

I hope that you enjoyed!

Until next time (I'll try not to stay away so long!) have a blessed day!  :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Living Room Finale

Hi, everyone!

I hope that your Easter weekend was blessed!

I've been showing you my living room and the changes that I've made.

In my last post here, I showed you my new coffee table vignette...

...and also the new vignette on the table in the corner...

I've already shown you our newly painted tv armoire...

...and the area between the couch and loveseat...

And now I'm finally showing you one last small area of my living room.

This little piece of furniture is still one of my favorite finds.  No one has been able to tell me what it was intended for, but I love its size, patina, and unusual storage compartments.  (The bottom two 'doors' are hinged.)

It fits perfectly into a little niche beside the fireplace.

I created a new vignette on top of it starting with a silver tray, then I added a Santos doll (which Keith thinks is creepy but I love!) Next I added a chippy architectural candlestick, and then a small floral in an urn-type pot.

I kept the clock face hanging on the chicken wire window frame, and the French sign hung above the window.

And that completes the living room tour!

I hope that you enjoyed!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a fantastic day! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Living Room Vignettes

Hi, everyone!

I've been showing you the changes and tweaks that I've made to our living room.

I showed you the newly painted armoire here...

...then the drawer unit beside my couch here...

And today I'm showing you a couple more areas in this room!

I got this coffee table awhile ago for a steal at an antique mall.

I created a new vignette on it, starting with a HUGE wicker tray that I got from Homegoods (with a Christmas gift card from my mom.)

I filled it with a large nest and eggs on an architectural base, a skinny topiary, and a metal lantern.

One of the first changes I made to this room (and showed you awhile ago) was placing this table in the corner of the room and leaning the tobacco drying basket on it.  I also hung the chippy old door, and added the huge cherub lamp to the top and postal bin to the bottom shelf.

I recently swapped in the hydrangea plant and some tall, distressed candlesticks (my mom surprised me with the tallest when I arrived in Tucson for vacation-love it!)

Between the couch and the table I stacked an old box and a crate, and topped them with an architectural base, candles and a glass cloche.

I also still have the old army trunk under the coffee table.

And beside the loveseat I placed a small bench holding a wire basket filled with a dried lavender bouquet.

I'm really happy with how this room has come together!

 I think I've achieved the lighter, brighter, French farmhouse look that I've been craving.

I'm almost finished showing you this room...I have just a couple more areas to reveal, next time. :)

I hope that you enjoyed.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Small Touch of Red

Hi, everyone! Thank you for all the well-wishes regarding my mom!

Last time I showed you my armoire transformation here.

I've been tweaking the rest of our living room for spring. (Although it's still cold here and actually snowed on the first day of spring!)

The next area I'm going to show you has been touched by small doses of red.

I still have the chippy door behind my couch and the canvas bag filled with cotton, but I switched up the top of the drawer unit between the couch and loveseat.

It includes my favorite Madonna (a gift from my mom) and a wooden 'dough bowl' full of sweet-smelling lavender sachets, the burlap ones made by my friend Carol.  (I found the red monogrammed sachet at an out-of-town antique shop.)

She also stenciled the pretty lampshade in a grain sack style, which I love!  I just added it to an old lamp base that I found at a resale shop.

The shade echos the vintage red-striped linens on the ladder...

...and also the pair of authentic grain sacks on the shelving unit.

Carol also stenciled the fun number 3 pillow for me, and the wonderful pillows on the couch.

(Needless to say, her work can be seen all over my home! Gotta love talented friends! :)

I think small touches of red contribute nicely to a classic 'country/farmhouse' look, don't you?

I'll show you some more of my new living room vignettes next time!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a fantastic day!