Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Sunroom Seating Area

Happy August, everyone!  I'm continuing on with the tour of our sunroom.

Last time I showed you my newly slipcovered chair and the bookcase beside it, here...

And before that I showed you what I call my 'cubby thing' here...

Now I'm showing you the wall beside the cubby.

This area underwent probably the biggest change in this room.  I removed the 2 screens that were here against the windows and hung some lightweight lacy curtains instead.  They provide privacy from our close neighbors, yet still let in a ton of light.

I brought home this little barn wood table from the shop, when to my surprise it didn't sell right away!

I thought it was so cute, and that it would be perfect between the 2 iron chairs that I already had here.

I topped it with my vintage rocking horse with a nest on its' back...

...and also with a green seltzer bottle, a tower of flower frogs, and a tall topiary.

I have my coffee out here each morning, and usually have a little companion (Bob) who follows me out!

Underneath the table I placed an old green box from the flea market...

...and added a couple of small ticking pillows.

Then I hung a small picture of a fern...

...and that completes this little seating area!  (The cross pillows were made by my friend Carol-love them!)

I wanted to keep this space fresh and light, and I feel like I did that by mixing in some soft greens and a touch of blue.

Next to the chairs is a locker unit that I got years ago at an antique mall.

It's wonderful storage for all (ok, some) of my decor mags!

I topped it with a wooden birdhouse and a clock and plant covered by a wire cloche that I got while visiting Phoenix...

And that's it for this wall of the sunroom!

I hope that you enjoyed all of my changes...

...and I'll show you the rest of the sunroom next time!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Beautiful. I just love the junkstyle.
    Hugs from Norway.

  2. Wow! Lovely...sure you can relax there!

    Have a great day!

    hugs, Pietrik

  3. A perfect place for morning coffee...........or any time of day!
    Love it.

  4. Perfect!!! The curtains look so fresh for a nice change, and I love the soft greens and blues you're adding here and there. The table has so much character...what's wrong with people?? :-)) Of course, when things don't sell, it gives us an excuse to use them at home...I like that!
    Mary Alice

  5. It's so light and pretty! The perfect spot to sit and enjoy your coffee. Your photos look like they're right out of the glossy pages of a magazine, Susan. Just gorgeous!

  6. What a great space to have your morning coffee, Susan! Love the curtains you've added to the windows. If we didn't have shades on the windows in our sunroom (those bottom up/top down ones) I would have some kind of curtains, besides the valances I made. We get an awful lot of sun in here, besides the privacy issue.

  7. So pretty, I really like the chippy chairs. Your arrangements always look lovely:)

  8. Love your changes, Susan. When reading your great feature in VIntage Style, I was surprised to see that this room looked bigger in the magazine. It's fun to see an overall view like that when I was more used to seeing your closer shots. I love your cross pillows too.

  9. Good Morning girlfriend. Love love all the great changes in this room. I love that little bit of color with the blues and greens you are adding. Love that little chippy table too. Looks great between the chairs. Ha ha little Bob seems to like the new table too. Too cute. Happy Sunday have a great start to the new week.

  10. What's not to love? This is such a cozy place full of beautiful vintagy treasures.

  11. It looks like a perfect place to relax with those magazines! I adore the tower of flower frogs.

  12. What I love about your sunroom is how vintage it looks. Every piece has a history and is being repurposed in some way. It is always fun to see what you've done in there. I love the chippy old table between your two chairs. It's perfect there!

  13. Susan, I love the green touches. The horse just looks perfect on the old table. Of course I love the little leaning tower of florist frogs. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  14. That table didn't sell because your customers didn't have your vision. It looks perfectly beautiful right where it is! Gorgeous!

  15. I am totally crushing on your creative/brilliant/inventive usage of flower florist frogs. OMGosh a leaning tower of Pisa? That's going to be pinned a billion times and copied around that many times too. Your sunroom is delightfully inviting, you rock! Loving the green box as it pulls your eyes down to concentrate on the sweet ticking pillows. I love ticking stripe and have used black and cream in our house. Happy Sunday and thanks for the tour I enjoyed it.

  16. Oh yeah I almost forgot ... The great locker, I'm gushing over it. Oh how I've been looking for one not wide and tall like yours. Lucky girl. Love your Bob.

  17. This looks like it was a room you really had fun fixing up. Your true style shines here! I would have ran out of your shop with that barn table! I have a thing for old tables and chairs. Love everything. And I want a sunroom. Or a screened in porch. But that will never happen Ha!

    Jane xx

  18. It's adorable. Such perfect vintage touches.

  19. It's all so perfect Susan - love your chippy vintage pieces ( love Bob too !!! )

  20. What a lovely light filled space / no wonder Bob likes it too :)

  21. Your sunroom is such a wonderful place to hang out. No wonder Bob loves it there. I am surprised that table didn't sell right away. Love it! But it looks right at home by your chairs!

  22. Oh, gosh, how do you manage to go to work when this room is sitting there just waiting for you? It is the perfect place to read and relax. My favorites are the tower of floral frogs and the green box of ticking pillows. And Bob!

  23. Love, love, love...your sunroom seating area!!

  24. Cute room and Bob is quite a handsome fellow!!!!

  25. so much to love! very sweet looking room, susan! love the little rocking horse! have a fun week!

  26. Hi Susan.
    Lucky you know one could see the vision in the use of your dis tresser farmhouse table from your shop, I am sure the sell would be welcomed, but for it not to sell and allowing you to not feel one bit guilty and bring it home was to your beautiful vantage :)
    Love it between the two iron chairs and Susan it would have Ben a table that never made it to my shop in the first place! :)
    I adore your frogs and in all those sweet sizes, I never did start a collection, I have though of it from time to time, when I would find one I just seemed to pass it up, I guess it was due to you need more then one to make it stand out like yours.
    The old rocking horse is a charmer and the sweet baby who use to rock on it crosses my mind and to think the family who gave that up could now see how you so rustically have displayed it, I am sure would be shocked?
    I love your garden porch, I so wish I had one on my home, to do an extended room like what you have done here, they are just so nostalgic adding a bit of country life to ones home.
    Looking forward to the whole paneramic view of the whole room completes and charmed with your finds.

    Thank you Susan dear for taking the time to visit my place and my 2 resent treasured finds, the French baskets, and best the comments you leave on your way home.


    A beautiful August to you.

  27. Frog tower love!!!!
    This all just speaks to me of lazy afternoons with ice tea and friends, Susan.
    I love it.

  28. How lovely! Love those curtains.

  29. That is a great table...I am baffled that it did not sell...however, it looks great in your sunroom...and what a fabulous place to relax...and the beautiful curtains look so wonderful ... you certainly create such beautiful and cozy places!

  30. I want that seltzer bottle! jking...but really I love it! I also love those chairs/the slipcovers and those cute pillows on top of them. So I was out and about the other day and I saw a little rocking chair horse and I thought of you! No I didn't get it but I do love yours. :)

  31. I love how you have added the touches of light green, blue ticking and rustic pieces to give the eye focus! It looks like your sunroom is a wonderful place to just relax, read a magazine or have a sweet conversation. You definitely have a way of making a room pleasing to the eye! Blessings, Cindy

  32. Your sunroom ist cozy and just perfect, Susan. I love each and every piece you have in there and sweet Bob too, of course :).

  33. Very Pretty!! I do think your new white curtains look wonderful~~~I like them a lot~it does add softness. LOVe your touches of that blue/green~~~have a blessed and wonderful week~~~Roxie

  34. Oh my goodness, I am stopping by via Kris at Junk Chic Cottage...What a beautiful sun room.. I love the mixture of the old and new.....and all the textures...LOVE~! What a great visit.. I have been blessed!

  35. Love this room, Susan! I would love to sit in there early in the morning, also. The curtains are a great addition for just the right touch of softness. It all looks grand!!

  36. Hi Dear,
    you realy have two right hands for decorating and a so very special taste!!! Love your room!
    All my best from Austria and a happy happy August

  37. Oh, how I'd love a sunporch to relax in! You've styled yours to perfection with all your vintage finds, Susan! I love the green wood box filled with pillows and the chippy table that didn't sell!

  38. Hi Susan, I love your sunroom! How lucky IOU are to have one to sit in. I love your pretty curtains and pillows. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  39. Your sun room is so cheerful and nicely done. LOVE the ticking and the cross pillows! Pops of green, stripes and chippy furniture....nothing better.

  40. Just lovely! Your sunroom is fabulous! Found you on WIW.

  41. This room looks so cozy and relaxing! I can see sitting there in the evenings too ~ :)


  42. Susan, congrats on your magazine features! Girlfriend, you're on fire this summer. :) I love your sunroom redo, and that stack of flower frogs would be so cute at Christmas, too...

  43. awesome. I love that green shade. I used to loath it, when we first moved in to this house it was all painted in the pale green and peach colours that was so OLD I love those colours.
    I love old boxes and use them all over the house and garden,

  44. Susan, you are such a true inspiration to me! Your design and decorating exudes class and dignity! xoxo Jen


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