Sunday, September 28, 2014

More Country Living/Columbus Finds

Hi, everyone!

Last time I showed you this apple picking bag filled with cotton, which was my favorite Country Living Fair find.
(To see more of my back stoop go here.)

Today I'm going to show you a few more things that I got in Columbus.  Like I mentioned before, I tried to be more careful regarding what I bought this year so I didn't get a ton of things.  But what I got, I love!

Like these 2 shutters.  Perfect size and chippiness!

Right now I have them leaning against the wall on top of a little barn wood shelving unit.  Eventually I might hang them separately.  It's good to have options! :)

This architectural piece was a winner!

I added a few tiny faux pumpkins and a glass cloche to make it complete!

I already had this wheat arrangement so I placed it beside the base and cloche for a little fall vignette.

I haven't quite decided what to do with this long weathered wooden box yet, but I had to have it!

I think it would look great filled with pumpkins and gourds...or dried hydrangeas...or pinecones and greens at Christmas...the possibilities are endless! For now it's on my dining room table, but who knows where it will end up?

This sweet wire basket wasn't from Country Living, but another shop from my Columbus trip.

It's the perfect size to hold my 3 fabric pumpkins that I bought last year in Columbus...

...on this sweet white bench that I recently got...

And here's another wire basket (from Country Living) that I couldn't pass up!  It's a fun size, kind of tall and narrow.

My friend Suzanne knows that I adore hydrangeas so she gifted me with these from her yard!

Aren't they gorgeous?

I placed them in this basket as an easy way to dry them, then just left them. I'll probably use some burlap as a 'liner' to hide the stems, or use the basket for magazines. But for now I placed the arrangement on top of a bench with another pumpkin that I got in Columbus last year, and created another simple fall vignette.

So that's about it for my new Columbus finds!  Notice a theme here?  (Hint: mostly chippy and white!)   But what can I say?  They make me happy :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a fantastic week!

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  1. You are so right. Treasure hunting makes one happy!!!
    Love your wire baskets. They can be used in many different ways.

  2. Well....I love EVERYTHING that you brought home. It would all work perfectly in my home as well. Have fun with your new treasures.

  3. Chippy and White is a winner! Love it all!

  4. Susan, I just wrote on Mary Alice's blog that I loved her wire baskets. Love yours too.:):) I picked my last two flower heads from my hydrangea yesterday and made a bouquet with mums. I have been picking up the cones from our scotch pine...I love them throughout fall and during Christmas decorating. Those pumpkins are so cute. oxoxo,Susie

  5. I especially loe the wheat and those white pumpkins are fabulous in your basket!

  6. I love all of your new finds! Anything white and chippy gets my vote too. Love the old shutters you found. I know you will have fun using those in different places.

  7. Susan,
    You have an amazing keen eye for collecting and an artistic perspective for inventive display. You blow me away with each and every new post!!! Love your fabric pumpkins, oh OK I love everything you bought and lovingly displayed in your charming artsy way.

  8. Susan,
    I love the chippy and white. Ok lets see can you fit the shutters and the cute pumpkins in your suit case to bring to me!!!!! Those shutters are killer and of course I always love a fabric pumpkin. Your vignette is so perfect. Excited for your visit this week.

  9. What wonderful things you've come home with!! You have such a great eye!

  10. Wonderful chippy finds! I am glad they make you happy : ) I love the cloche base you picked up and the pumpkins look wonderful in there!

  11. You always find great things that can be used in so many ways, Susan. I adore vintage shutters!! If I had a place, I would put them in every room!!
    Mary Alice

  12. All your treasures are perfect but the shutters are my favorite. I bet you will find several ways to use them.

  13. you found some really great finds.....I'm a big fan of chippy and white!!

  14. You find the greatest things all of your wonderful chippy finds!!!

  15. Love all the treasures you came up with. :)

  16. i like your old treasures. :) thanks for stopping by today!

  17. My favorite is the apple-picking bag. I sold mine several years ago in a giant purge and have regretted it. Love the white tones and all the textures.

  18. I love the pumpkins in the cloche. I love just about anything in a cloche. Such a great way to display. I also love your wire baskets. I've had so many and then I sell and then I get mad at myself. Did you make the fabric pumpkins? Love them. You have displayed so many of my favorites including the enamel pitcher. I used to collect enamel and had everything you can imagine. I wish I had kept a piece or two, especially my pitchers. Beautiful post!

  19. Chippy and white makes me happy too Susan! All of your must haves are fantastic! And what a sweet gift of hydrangeas. They're beautiful. Have fun playing :-)

  20. Hi Susan, I love your finds and the fabric pumpkins are really nice and perfect for fall. I really love the way dried hydrangeas look! Wishing you a nice week.

  21. Hi Susan, love your fall touches. Love the cloche over the pumpkins and your fabric pumpkins in the wire basket are perfect. I love chippy and white anything too.

  22. Great little finds Susan! Love those cloth pumpkins from last years trip, really cute! Shutters are a favorite of mine and those you found a wonderful, I'm sure they will be used in different ways for many years to come! Enjoy a super week! Blessings, Cindy

  23. You found some great items! My dream come true is to have a Country Living Fair close to me. UTAH. ((HUGS))

  24. Oh Susan,
    I am in love with every photo, I want the wire baskets, the white bench stool, the side table with the old chippy shutters and the whole arrangement everything in this post could move right into my home comfortable and I would welcome each piece. I have some wire baskets, and sweet benches and a wall unit much to your feel here, yet yours being different really draws me in for a closer look at your added finds.

    See you soon beautiful, all is well with your Mother I hope and pray for her continued clean bill of health.

    See u and all you inspire soon.

  25. Your vingnettes are so beautiful! I love yoyr white pumpkins in the cloche

  26. Oh you bought all the best of rusty and shabby.....You're one of the cool ones....I buy old hats and buttons, I wish I had an eye for old wire baskets and boxes. Your groupings are perfect and the pictures are gorgeous!!! We can't grow hydrangeas here in Orlando, I guess it is to humid...I love them!


  27. Everything I see makes me happy too! You always manage to hunt down the best stuff!! Love those shutters and the chippy basket.

  28. What great finds...Love the shutters!! I hope to go to the Country Living Fair next year. it has been a few since I last went there.

  29. Susan,
    Those chippy shutters are awesome! Looks like you had a fun time at the CL show. Thanks so much for sharing at my party.


  30. Oh my goodness, the shutters! I'm in love! Love everything! xo Jen

  31. I love all of your white, chippy things!! Pricks at my heart but then I love color too!

  32. The wire baskets are awesome!! and I think your pumpkins are just the cutest!!
    Most of all, I think.....the shutters win!!! They are the best EVER!!!! I'm loving the way you are decorating with the white, and chippy, Susan....BEEEEAUTIFUL!!!!

  33. Oh yes to the white and chippy! Love all your adorable pumpkins!


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