Sunday, November 9, 2014

Living Room Reveal

Hi, everyone!

My mom was touched by all of your sweet birthday wishes, so thank you!

I've been working on our living room for the past few months, making some big changes to get a more 'farmhouse' vibe going.

This is the 'old' living room, below.
I was gradually adding in some 'farmhouse' elements here and there, but it was still a little more rustic and industrial than I wanted.

For a long time now I've wanted to get cream or white couches to lighten up this room.
I love our really dark floors, but sometimes it can look too dark in here, especially in the winter.

We looked into buying new furniture, but we finally decided to keep the couch and love seat that we've had and just have slipcovers made for them. Although these pieces are almost 15 years old, they're still in excellent condition, they're comfortable, and they're extra long and deep which means that Keith and I can each stretch out and take naps-a bonus! :)

I found an online company called Needle and Shears where you send them the measurements and they have designers that customize the slipcovers, then they're sewn. I was really nervous and took a big chance not knowing much about the company, but after some harrowing measurement taking on my part (you have to be VERY detailed, obviously!) the slipcovers fit pretty well and I'm overall happy with them.

I chose a simple, basic style in a canvas fabric.

Here is what the couch looks like now.

To dress up the couch and love seat a bit, I pulled the shams from our master bedroom to use as back cushions and found some other fun pillows that I've had in storage.  Needless to say, I'm a big fan of typography! I think these compliment each other and keep things from looking too monochromatic.

Here is tailless Bo enjoying the 'new' couch...

The next big change that we made was taking down the vintage schoolhouse map that's been on the wall behind our couch forever. We replaced it with the chippy door that I got at a garage sale this summer, which I first showed you here.

Lighter and brighter already!

I hung the apple picking basket filled with cotton that I got at the Country Living Fair on the door.
(You may remember that when I first got this basket I hung it on the barn door on our back stoop and showed you here.)

I left the little drawer unit between the couch and love seat as a side table.

I love the character and quirkiness that it has with its one stripped drawer!

Plus, it provides great hidden storage for our remotes and coasters, etc.

I kept the top of it simple with an architectural column base that I got at a salvage shop topped with some candles and a glass cloche.  This base wasn't even for sale, but I've really been wanting something like this.  Luckily, I'm not above begging to get what I want (Keith even jumped in to help!) and sure enough, it came home with me and at a fantastic price, too!

In case you've ever wondered about these wall lights in our living room...unfortunately, this room isn't wired for an overhead light fixture.  It makes me sad, because otherwise you'd see a big ol' gorgeous chandelier in here!

Maybe someday we'll have this room rewired, but for now we'll keep up these lights (from Pottery Barn) that we hung many years ago.  Although they're not my favorite, they do the job providing light and don't look TOO bad with my new look.

I debated whether to keep the dark factory cart that was our coffee table in here or not.  I finally decided to move it into the sunroom, which you can read about here.

I found this large white coffee table at an antique mall marked waayy down and thought it would be perfect for the new look I was going for.

I also found this old army trunk that same day, and since it had my favorite number 3 already on it, I knew it was meant to be!  I tucked it underneath the table for a 'layered' look.

For my coffee table vignette I started with a shabby tool box that I got at the flea.

Inside of it I placed a metal crow (for a fall touch) and a couple of grain sacks topped with a dried lavender bundle.

Then I added some dark, rustic candlesticks for height and contrast.

Well, that's your first peek at our new living room!

What do you think?  A bit different than before, huh?

It definitely feels lighter and brighter, which is what I wanted.

Stay tuned 'cause I've got lots more changes to show you!

I always appreciate you stopping by!

Enjoy your day :)


  1. LOVE every single change, Susan! So much brighter and prettier! Gorgeous!!!

  2. Yes, Susan, I like all your changes! The slipcovers look well done, and I have loved that apple picking bag with cotton ever since you first showed it on the porch. Looks great on the door. A nice switch up on the coffee table rounds out your new vibe.

  3. It looks beautiful! I love that arched window!! and Bo is darling...

    Happy Sunday!

  4. It does look lighter and brighter, Susan. I really like it a lot. I think that door is just perfect. The room feels homier and more "cozy" to me somehow. Love that apple bag, too. Great job all the way around. xo Diana
    ps. I will say you are a BRAVE soul for ordering slipcovers through the mail from a company you didn't know .

  5. The room is to die for, absolutely! I did like the "before" though, too! Funny, I'm grappling with what to do with a very similar vintage map I picked up a while back. Still contemplating. I also have very similar pillows as well. (Great minds:)) We have a new couch on order and I can't wait till it arrives so I can begin a family room redo! Have a great week.

  6. Swoon! I love seeing your creations so much. They are like a breath of fresh air. I can't wait until we get to take a road trip to visit your shop one day :-)

  7. Stunning my friend just beautiful. OMG! Love what you have shown so far. Love love that arched door with the picker bag and cotton. Sooooooo sweet love that so much. I like the typography shams on the couch too. Susan I think this is one of your best make overs so far. So comfy and cozy. I can't wait to see more.

  8. All the changes look so great - love especially the arched window in place of the map. Brave woman to have slipcovers made off-site. They look wonderful!

  9. Well Susan I think by now I must of in comments written a hundred times that you rock the vignette. Guess what, gotta say it again ... you rock the vignettes! Loving your new layered farmhouse appeal that is charming with the incrediable old army trunk under the white cocktail table. The metal crow - I want, along with the cool column base and oh yeah that chippy architecural touch of the door and the apple picking basket filled with cotton branches! Cool canvas slipcovers but I'm sure Bo is really loving them! As far as anything typography I adore and use, funny thing this love of words I have!

  10. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, looks wonderful. The sofas . . . the pillows . . . the coffee table . . .

    Can't wait to see more.

  11. I love the changes you made! I'm all about white slipcovers, so your sofas look great. I like your pillow choices too. Cute coffee table. I never knew you could have someone make you a custom slipcover without seeing your sofa first. That's good to know! I was just telling my husband that I would like to have one made for our sofa. It's a high end sofa and really needs a custom cover made for it rather than buying a new sofa. Ours is over 20 years old and is still comfortable and doesn't squeak. LOL! Looking forward to seeing more changes you've made.

  12. You were brave to order slip covers on line but they look great. I love that old door!! It all looks good together. Your kitty is lovely!!!

  13. Girl you have been on a roll! I love the way your couch turned out and your kitty does too. :) Our dog likes to lay up on the back like makes a little nest for them. That door is my favorite thing ever!

  14. I really like the changes you've made, Susan! Love the window behind your sofa with the bag of cotton. I'm sure your addition of whiter pieces and slipcovers are a nice bright contrast with your dark wood floors.

  15. So lovely. I love the changes. You truly inspire me...

  16. I'm loving the new look, Susan. That's a great coffee table and your old tool tote looks really unusual - in a good way, of course. The old door with the apple picking basket makes such a great focal point too!

  17. Really cute. I just love your new slipcovers.

  18. WOW I love everything. The door is spectacular and so are the candlesticks.


  19. Those slipcovers are wonderful and a great alternative to buying a brand new couch. Love that arched door, a perfect backdrop for the sweet basket. It all looks amazing!!

  20. Well, Susan, everything you put your hand to works well! Your new slip covers came out very nice! I'd like to do that as I have a dark, dark brown 'fleather' sofa. But then again, I have many grandkids and a black haired shedding dog to deal with too! At least you can't see the spills and dog hair on the dark brown! I also Love your army trunk and if we had been together when you purchased it there would have been a fight ~ you know ~ the #3 thing and all! Blessings to you for a great week, Cindy

  21. Love all the changes that you made in your living pretty and says farmhouse for sure!!

  22. Nice neutral tones. Love the chippy door and the slipcover looks great!

  23. I just love your room. Some whites are too whie but yours with the natural colors looks so nice. Love that bag on the door.
    I went back to see your post about your mom. She loks amazing....can't believe she is 73 .........are you sure hah. She looks as sweet as you.

  24. Your couch looks so comfy cozy! Love love the neutral tones and those candlestick holders make me swoon! xoxo Jen

  25. I loved the old look very much but this is beautiful too, Susan. I adore the typography pillows, the arched door and the trunk. Your little couch tester is the cutest :).

  26. Wow, girlfriend!! It's perfect. I like the "&" pillow and the picking basket. :)


  27. Farmhouse touches are my favorite. Very pretty!

  28. I love every single chance. I like very much the bright and light of your living room.

  29. your slips look lovely, susan, and i LOVE the basket hanging on your cute chippy door!

  30. Your new living room gave me a ton of ideas for my own! I love how you've changed it up so far. And I even like your lighting. I can't wait to see the rest! Have a great day friend!

  31. This is spectacular, Susan. So light and freeing! I especially love your chippy window (and Bo, of course!).

    I've been off blog more than I like lately and missed your mom's birthday -- please give her my belated best!

  32. Susan, it looks beautiful! Great job on the sofa and I love, love the coffee table. The trunk is just perfect also. Lots of changes and turned out wonderful!


  33. I love all of your changes, Susan!! The room is warm and comfy looking. It's great that you did it with so many great pieces that you've had or found! I love everything!

    jane x

  34. Your room is lovely and the new slipcovers and the pillows make will give your trusty sofas more life. It looks like your living room is a great space and so many pretty touches too.

  35. you really out did yourself LOL like the metal crow on the found white table
    It looks right up to date with today's style are we still calling this shabby or cottage chic or country chic?

  36. OK i read your article again and it's farmhouse vibe LOL
    it's darling

  37. Sooooooooooooooo jealous! Dang... you have some mad skills at decorating!

  38. Beautiful, and it is so nice to have a cat to complete the room. Lovely!

  39. Susan the new slips look fabulous and I absolutely LOVE that old chippy window behind the couch!! Such a pretty room!


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