Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Vignettes

(Thank you to Shabby Art Boutique for featuring this post!)

Hi, everyone!  Before I show you my whole living room, I thought I'd show you a couple of Christmas vignettes at one end of the room.  There's a little space beside the mantel where I have this old cabinet that I fell in love with.  You can read more about that here.

I found this bottle carrier at an Antique Show last month.  I added some milk bottles that I already had and filled a couple of them with fresh greens.

 I also tied a 'Jingle' ribbon onto the handle and placed one of my ceramic Madonnas in the carrier.

Above the cabinet I hung an old window frame with chicken wire...

...and clipped on this little 'noel' garland that I bought at an out-of-town shop I was visiting.  I thought it was so sweet!

Voila!  A simple Christmas vignette.

The front part of our house is a big hallway that then goes into the living room (very hard to explain!)  But this is that space and how I decorated it for Christmas.

I got this tree at that Antique Show last month and thought it was different and really fun!

I placed it inside of this orchard basket along with a coffee sack...

then put the whole thing on a lacy doily...

I added another Madonna to the birdcage along with a little paper tree.

Surprise!  Someone else wanted to get in on the pictures!

It's Bo, the very large kitten!

He wasn't going anywhere, and settled in... I just kept snapping away...

...until he got tired of the paparazzi!

I'll show you the rest of the living room the next time.  Have a wonderful day! :)

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  1. Susan, You make it so-o-o-o hard to make a decision for favorite. I love the old cabinet with the window above it and I do love the Madonna. The hallway birdcage with a Madonna and child is so sweet. Bo is the perfect accessory under the tree. I think my tiny thing I like the most is the crochet Noel banner.

  2. How beautiful! I'm with Donna -- how do you pick a favorite? I have a Hummel Madonna very much like yours. You give me a fine idea to put it in a "cage" of sorts. And I do love Bo! He's very handsome!

  3. Beautiful as the noel sweet! The vignettes are soft, vintage and lovely.

  4. Your kitty is so pretty. I love calicoes. And your vignettes are very creative! I love your house.

  5. Oh such a cozy space.. I love so many of your things. Have a good night.

  6. The Noel banner is my favorite....It is all really lovely. You big kitty seems to be enjoying all of it too. Have a great week. Blessings!

  7. Susan,
    You know I love your vignettes but the first one with the milk bottles and Madonna I just absoultely love. That is so beautiful and the noel sign on the old window frame too awesome. Bo is too cute being a photo bomber!!! I cannot wait to see the rest of the living room.

  8. Susan, I enjoyed looking at your pictures and your cat reminds me on one that we had. He would lay on whatever you were working on if he wanted attention. I am enjoying looking at everyone's else decoration. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  9. I love the bottle carrier. I've been looking all over for one for a year now! Love Bo! He made himself comfy and cozy!

  10. Can't wait to see more! I've filled a cupboard in my dining room with Madonnas and love the feel they give at Christmastime. Great bottle carrier, too. I bought an old French one this Summer that would look great with only to find a place to put it:-)


  11. Love your Christmas vignettes...everything is so pretty!! Cute picture of Bo.

  12. Your room looks lovely with all your vintage treasures, Susan, but I'm afraid Bo stole the spotlight! Too cute!

  13. Everything is simple, elegant and beautiful.

  14. I'm really loving all the simplicity this year...beautiful!

  15. Susan pretty vignette, love that birdcage. Bo is a cutie.


  16. Beautiful vignette Susan, and Bo sure does look comfy! xo

  17. Your vignettes are always so amazing…you add just the right amount of "holiday cheer" .. I so love the antique tree in the orchard basket...

  18. This is such a lovely area. The NOEL banner is so perfect, so neat, looks like crochet. I am so loving Bo. Our Lord loves and charges us to love all his creatures. I think Bo is just about purrfect!

  19. all so pretty
    do you know what the original use of that brown cabinet with the drawers was?
    One with cage on it?
    I have something similar and no clue what it was used for.
    just curious.

    be blessed

  20. love the colors of your Christmas décor.

  21. I have a Madonna just like the one in your basket but mine is gold. Have had her about 30 years. I think the cat should be in the bird cage. ;^) Just sayin'

  22. the jingle ribbon is too cute! love the little tree and birdcage filled with goodies, too:) the last picture would make a cute xmas card! happy weekend, susan!

  23. EVERYTHING is wonderful.

    I got some ideas for my New Year's decor looking at your Christmas decor.

  24. You have lots of beautiful vignettes throughout your home, Susan. I'm so in love with your wonderful feather tree and of course with sweet little Bo. What a cutie he is! The large clock and the birdcage are great as well and I adore your drawer chest and the dressform. I take it all, lol. Your dining room looks so gorgeous too with the sweet touches of red.
    Have a great weekend!

  25. Your displays look so very pretty. I love the first one on your beautiful cabinet. I can see why you fell in love with it. Love the window hanging above it also with the chicken wire - I may have to add something like that to my house very soon I like it so much.

  26. I've been away and missed a ton of stuff, but I love the look you've done here! xx

  27. Such darling vignettes, but I think Bo "stole the show"! What a cutie!

  28. Bo is adorable... as are your Christmas vignettes Susan. I'm delighted to be featuring your home in a round up of gorgeous Christmas homes from Shabbilicious Friday last week. th epost is now live.
    Merry Christmas,
    Kerryanne xx


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