Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Love at First Sight

Hi, everyone!  Hope you're staying cool in this steamy weather!
Do you believe in love at first sight?  I do!  The first time I laid eyes on this little gem, standing all by herself forlorn and lonely (or so I imagined) in an antique shop, it was love!

She was knicked up, scratched, chippy, shabby and worn; missing a drawer pull, missing the bottom 'panels', missing the total bottom underneath, had some trim pieces broken off...but she was still perfect to me!  (I wish I would've thought to take a 'before' picture, but I didn't!)  She just needed a little TLC.

The dealer had just brought her in to use as a display piece, and wasn't even going to sell her...well, I wasn't having that!  So I used my persuasive, wily skills (aka begged!) and sure enough she came home with me.

My dad worked his magic and replaced the knob...

...added pieces of an old screen from my late grandpa's house to the 2 open 'panels' (so it's extra special), repaired the molding, and made and attached a bottom!

Voila!  She's restored to her former-albeit still shabby-glory (thanks, dad!)

I'm not sure what this little 'cabinet' any of you know?  It's very unusual because the middle and the bottom portions are hinged. I've never seen anything like it.  Lucky for me, it's the perfect size for storing some of my decorating magazines-I can never have too much storage for my enormous collection of mags!

 This is now sitting in the little space beside our fireplace.

I added a rusty bucket filled with dried flowers and a couple other goodies to a chippy wire basket... create a new vignette in front of my huge Polish flash card...

So now you've met my newest 'love interest'!    Have you fallen in love at first sight with anything lately? :)

Thanks so much for stopping by-have a wonderful day!
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  1. how cute! I'd like to know what it was used for too - that is unusual!

  2. What a beauty! Good for you making it your own. Just love that chipped up finish!

  3. I so have cabinet lust:) What a great find. Sharing on my FB page tonight!

  4. It's gorgeous! I am guessing it is a bread box/vegetable type cabinet. Hope you find someone who actually is sure about what it is!! But no matter what you call it, it is perfect in your home!!!! Jane

  5. What a great piece and I love the bucket!


  6. Hi Girlfriend,
    Ahhhhhh I just love that chippy piece. It looks so great. What a great fine. I am never beneath begging when it comes to beautiful chippy delights like you found. I am so jealous that it is not in my house. That piece has a lot of character and chippy love all rolled up in one fab piece. I bet it was some kind of pie or bread safe but not sure just sure it is so sweeeeet!!!! Great Score.

  7. That is a really nice piece although I haven't a clue to it's original purpose. It looks great with the wire covering the bottom section. No matter, it looks wonderful!

  8. Oh, I love what you've done to your adorable.....whatever it is! The screen in the door panels makes the piece extra-special. Love it!

  9. Oh, it is a gorgeous piece, I can see why you had to have it!
    Love the look of it!

  10. Love that piece of furniture. Not sure what it was used for either. It kind of makes me think of a pie safe with the screens in the lower door panels. Maybe it was designed for someone's kitchen and the middle section was used to store breads. Kind of fun to wonder about it.

  11. Oh what a find and how great is it that you were able to replace a screen with your grandfather's did make is so very special, I agree....Could that piece have been utilized in a kitchen...a sort of storage bin?? Whatever the purpose, it is fantastic!...

  12. Great cabinet! I'm in love with it now too :)

  13. You are a lucky girl! Isn't it nice when you find a piece in it's original chippy, worn state? The stories it could tell! I have no idea what this might have been used for in the past, I am guessing it might have been something used in a kitchen with all the odd storage spaces. Your father is a gem and so talented, I love the screens!


  14. I adore this. I love that you used some of your grandpa's wire. How special is that. I would of begged for this piece too!

  15. Love the cabinet with all it's chippy white goodness!! Not sure, but I think it was most likely a piece that was used in the kitchen. What a great way to use store your magazines in. I have several magazines in a huge basket, some on shelves in a console that has baskets on it, and others on my book shelves on either side of our big screen tv. We can't have too many magazines...can we? LOL...

  16. What a great old piece- oh, if it could only talk! I think it might have been used for kitchen storage...almost a pantry of sorts for potatoes, etc. Not sure but it sure is sweet- Your dad did a good job with the fixing up! xo Diana

  17. Evening Susan, Very unique piece you have there.....I think it is soooo adorable!! I'm glad for you the dealer changed their of a kind! We can never have enough storage for our mags!! Blessings~~~Roxie

  18. Oh my goodness, love it! Your dad working on it just makes it extra special.

  19. I can't believe you had the perfect piece from your grandfather's house to use on the missing place. This is right up your alley. I like that you saw this old piece and cared for it. "She's" just lovely as ever.


  20. This is a wonderfully shabby display, but what I am most inspired by is that your sweet dad helped you and used Grandpa's wire! That is really neat!

  21. I fell in love with your piece. I am looking for something just like it for next to my fireplace. Actually, I haven't looked yet, just thinking, but I need to start looking and hope I can find something half as wonderful.

  22. DARLING cabinet!!! And lucky you for persuading the dealer to sell it to you. I love that charming one-of-a-kind piece!
    Mary Alice

  23. You found a real gem! She's a beauty and I can see why you fell in love with her. I'm the same way... I have my eye on a fireplace surround at a 2nd hand
    shop right now and will be heartbroken if it sells bef I can get my hands on it. Why weren't I born rich???

    Have a fabulous day, blessings, Edie Marie

  24. it is so awesome!! love that you used your g-pop's screening:) great flash card, too!

  25. I don't know what it was, but I know what it is...heaven in a chippy form! Love it! Nice repair job, too.

  26. She's a beauty! Your dad did a great job fixing her up, she looks so natural. Love the idea of using the screen from you grandpa's home, a perfect addition. My guess is that it was once used to store produce...onions, potatoes, etc. Love it!

  27. Man that is a beauty! I love the hardware on it -- like candy!

  28. Susan, you so get m'y heart for the soulful worn LoVE pieces add to my being.
    This is truly a piece to love, all it's history is of authenticity wows your space with simple simplicity.
    It's a piece of rustic poetry and a piece to charm your home with.

    Thank you dear friend for taking to time to visit my place and adding your grace and beauty with leaving me a comment.

    Thank you again for another beautiful share.



  29. I wonder if it could have been an ice box? That might explain the bottom being out - from years of water dripping on it. The form looks like smaller versions I have seen. It's a great piece, Susan! Perfect for YOU. Yea, Dad!

  30. Just beautiful Susan - love that you added the screen from your grandfather - makes it even more beautiful!
    ( visually and spiritually )

  31. Yup, she's a beauty Susan! Just the right amount of chippiness. The screen from your grandfather makes her extra special. Wondering if she was some kind of vegetable bin. Whatever, she's a keeper! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  32. What a fabulous piece! I would have fallen for it right away too. The screens were a great choice. Awesome find!

  33. New FOLLOWER from Jann Olson's blog..let's just say "YOu and I have a lot in common"..such fabulous items you have featured.

  34. you have a great blog ^ ^
    you want to follow each other?
    follow me and let me know with a comment
    and follow you too :))


  35. LOVE this vignette, and great little cabinet, whatever it is!


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