Monday, July 1, 2013

Master Bath Reveal

(A big thank you to Rooted in Thyme and Shabby Art Boutique for featuring this post!)
Happy July, everyone!  In my last post I showed you pics of our master bedroom; today I'm showing you, for the first time, a portion of our master bathroom.  It's really hard to get good pics in here because of the awkward room shape (it's long and narrow) but here goes. This is what you see looking in from our bedroom.

 I got this chippy old piece of furniture at the flea market a couple of years ago.  I love it, and it doesn't bother me a bit that its missing the doors.

You can see the very corner of the sink (which is in an old dresser) in this pic.  I put this small shabby trunk under the cabinet for extra storage.

My friend Carol made me these sweet little 'curtains'-I told you before, she's like my personal seamstress!

 I used the top of the cabinet to display part of an old crate, a plant, and my Santos doll. 

I've had this doll forever (long before I knew what a 'Santos' doll was!)  Keith thinks she's creepy, but I think she's fun. ;)

I use these shelves to hold bathroom essentials.

When you look to the right, you see the shower and this bookcase.

When I got the idea to try this piece here, I couldn't believe how perfectly it fit in this space!  I mean, there is barely an INCH to spare on either side!  It almost looks like a built-in.

There are usually towels hanging on these hooks, but I took them down so you could see the shelves better.

 I decided to go a little industrial with the accessories on these shelves.  I like the look of the metal mixed in with some 'softer' things.

An old ammo box and a metal pitcher-turned-vase work well with cotton balls and bath salts.

I got this metal bin at Anthropologie for Keith-I would've already thought it was cool, but the 'K' printed on it sealed the deal!

Some more metal goodness...

Great storage for towels and t.p.

I won't show you the sink or the commode-nothing exciting there!  But I hope that you enjoyed this little tour.

Have a wonderful day!
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  1. It looks amazing!!! I adore those vintage chippy cabinets!!
    Have a lovely week!

  2. Love, love, love it! I want that Santos doll! Let me know if you ever plan to part with it. Love the chippy cabinet and all the industrial touches you've added. Love the window treatments with the design on them too. It all looks so good together.

  3. Love the chippy and metal mix have got to share some shopping sources with me...pretty please!

  4. Beautiful! I love the vintage furniture pieces you've used in the room! My favorite thing is the crate lid that you are using as art work! It is fabulous!!

  5. Looks great! I love the chippy shelf. My hubby thinks all dolls are creepy.

    Must be a man thing. ;)

  6. Love all of the metal containers in the book shelf. I've always picked up wooden boxes, but am now starting to accumulate some metal ones -- fun stuff. Sally

  7. I sure did enjoy your tour. I love that fabulous cabinet just the way it is, nothing blocking the view of all your fun accessories.

  8. Love the bathroom reveal. It looks so inviting for a bath. You have created some lovely storage solutions. All so chippy and shabby.

  9. I love all your industrial and military boxes. You've created a great look in your bathroom with your sweet collection!

  10. Susan,
    It looks great. I love how the book shelf looks custom to that spot. I love the Santos angel too. All your touches are so great.

  11. I love the hard and soft touches in it. You pulled this room together beautifully. ALL so perfect.

  12. It looks so lovely Susan. I too like a little industrial mixed in with the shabby look.

  13. It is so super lovely!!! I love that chippy piece for holding all of your things! It is just so wonderful! Beautiful space!

  14. Lovely! Just like the rest of the house I love it all and could shop there very easily!!

  15. You know I love your style and your master bath did not disappoint! I love the cabinet and shelves. The metal adds a nice touch with the wood. Wonderful job!


  16. Everything looks great! Love the angel!!

  17. So many pretty things! Absolutely love the combination of chippy painted pieces and metal with the softer things. Just lovely!


  18. It looks fantastic. I like the way you have brought hard and soft elements together.

  19. Love that chippy cabinet! It is perfect without the doors, it is a great piece! Yes that bookcase looks like it is a built in, it is just right! Thanks for giving us this tour. It is lovely!

  20. Hey Gal! Love those two storage spaces! They both speak my language!! Love all the metal and chippy white goodness! I'm sure they bring you lots of joy!!
    Have a lovely day!

  21. I love the industrial rustic qualities you've brought into this room. Beautiful shelving!

  22. Looks always! LOVE the crate top sitting there like "art"...and all those cool metal bins :)

  23. What a charming and beautiful room. I love all your little touches and that towel hook is great next to that perfect cabinet! Your girlfriend did such a great job on the curtains.


  24. I love the look of your bathroom. The colours are nice and soothing and the valances are really sweet. Great job!

  25. I love your bathroom. What's not to love! Seriously you find the most amazing pieces to piece together. Amazing... Have a great day!

  26. Your bath is fantastic. Everything is just perfect.

    My bathroom is too small to do much, but I got a couple of ideas from you.

  27. Awesome. I have an old trunk, much like the one you have under the cabinet. I am going to try to give it the same look as yours! Love you bathroom!!

  28. The fact that the little cabinet doesn't have doors is what makes it so charming!!!!! You have so many great containers, Susan!
    Mary Alice

  29. It's so charming Susan. I love all the galvanized containers used for storage.

  30. Susan,
    your cabinet is perfect and the chippier the better, doors or not! Sometimes it's the little imperfections that make things perfect! Love the addition of industrial metal in your design. Looks amazing!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  31. Oohhhh I love it! Every detail! And the doll is creepy but it a very mystical/magic/fascinating way. Does that make sense? Well...I like her too! :)

  32. all so so cute!
    LOVE that first chippy cabinet. =)


  33. Wow- It looks really, really great. What a wonderful old cabinet and you have pulled everything together beautifully- xo Diana

  34. Inspiring! I'm getting ready for a white bathroom redo, too. Thanks for the ideas.

  35. loving the santos doll, esp!! great collection on metal containers, and really cute curtains:) have a great 4th!!

  36. What a great collection of industrial metal pieces to hold necessities! I love the simple window treatments, too!

  37. Ohh! I love all the rustic charm of this room! The chest without doors is just perfection. I love it!

  38. I love your industrial look in the bathroom. The cabinets are great and I love the metal bins. You always have such great stuff!

  39. Your bathroom is lovely, that white chippy cabinet is darling. Don't you spend all your time in the room to admire it?

  40. Beautiful bathroom you styled it perfectly Susan!

  41. Hi Susan,
    I lové what i am seing here so far, of course I would love to se the other side as well :)
    I wish I had a bathroom of any size that had two windows as yours does and the size they are, what a bathroom to love.
    Your little design extras make it that more intriguing, adding that much more personality to it.
    Thank you for your beautiful visit adding your grace and beauty to my weekend reading.
    See you soon.
    I am now going back to read some of your older postings to catch up and to inspire by.

    A beautiful weekend to you and inspiring week to follow.

  42. Hi, Susan

    What a lovely bathroom! I love all your lovely finds.


  43. Love this bathroom! That ammo box is so fun! And the curtains are quite fabulous! Great job. Catherine

  44. Thanks for sharing the reveal. OMG I love the cabinet. Great finds.

  45. Susan, what a charming bath. I love the cabinets and the use of all the metal. Great to have your own personal seamstress. Love the curtains! Our basement bath is long and narrow. Going to do a post on it soon. I'll see if it's hard to get good pics. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  46. I could spend hours in your home just looking at the most wonderful and unique things you have in your home and how beautifully they are utilized and displayed!...Love your bathroom and the chippy cabinet is fantastic!!

  47. Thank you for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday Susan. I'm featuring your bathroom reveal at today's party and would love for you to pop on over and grab a 'featured' button.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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