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Saturday Spotlight: Holly from Down to Earth Style

Hi, everyone! Every Saturday Kris (Junk Chic Cottage) and I each spotlight a blogger where they tell us a little bit more about themselves so we can get to know the person behind the blog.

Today please help me welcome Holly from Down to Earth Style!  Holly is an amazingly creative and talented DIYer! She has such great vision for repurposing; I love to see her fun creations and how she incorporates them into her fabulous decor!
Please sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know Holly better!

 First things first....I am never comfortable being in the spotlight!  However, I do enjoy reading the Saturday Spotlight series at Junk Chic Cottage and Must Love Junk so I appreciate the invitation to share a little about myself. I wouldn't say that I am a shy person but I feel really shy right now. But... let's see if I can balance this post with "interesting" along with "not too much information". (Oh, where are my manners? Sorry...) 
Let me introduce myself. I am Holly, the blogger behind Down to Earth Style where I share my DIY adventures. 
I use the name Down to Earth for a few reasons. One is that I try to be approachable and "real". Secondly, I am a nature lover and try to keep our beautiful earth in mind by recycling and using natural elements in my spaces. Nature is a huge inspiration for my designs and for my spirit.  And last but not least - the definition, which I hope would be a reflection of myself.

I started blogging in the fall of 2011 to help convince my family that I really do use power tools & saws. Blogging is a journal of my home decor and projects. Not all of my family and friends can visit our home since we live so far away. My blog keeps them clued in on what I am up to (and why I am terrible at keeping in touch). I never thought I was "prissy" growing up but as a young girl I wasn't really into sports or exerting myself physically, maybe that is why some people that know me have a hard time imagining me building a kitchen island or a headboard. That  part of my lifestyle changed once I married my high school sweetheart, Marc, 20 years ago. I started running, mountain biking and other sports. None of which I stick with for very long periods of time. But I am still married to this HOT guy. I do stick to that, proudly.
We have two little boys (well, they are nearly my size)....11 year old twins. Don't they look exactly alike?  Noooooo.... People say one looks like me and one looks like Marc. Genetics are strange. All they got from me are my toes. My little family is my priority. I have been able to be home with my boys since they were born, thanks to my husband who works so hard to support us. During those wonderful days at home with them I found an outlet for my stress and hobbies in making my own furniture and home accents, partly due to our one income budget, but also for my desire to make our home the most comfortable place on earth.

When the boys went to kindergarten, I started taking on projects for friends and through word of mouth, before I knew it, I had a full schedule with new- found clients. I kept good relationships with my clients-turned-friends - even with a few accidental mishaps along the way.  I flattened one client's mailbox with my huge Ford Expedition, and I spilled dark walnut stain on another fireplace stone hearth. I can be a little clumsy. But I try really hard at making my work just right.

I wish I had taken more pictures during those busy days but I didn't start blogging until a few years later. The photo to the left was a "rug" that I painted on a wood floor. It was one of my favorite projects.

There's more if you are still with me...  :)
I love this saying that I found on Pinterest.
NPR news is all I listen to in my car when I am alone. I adore Diane Rhem
Alison Krauss has the most beautiful voice ever and I love to turn the volume up so high and let her lyrics and voice stir up my emotions.
I am an avid reader of books like Ahab's Wife and memoirs of WW2 survivors.
I was born and raised in beautiful Utah...The Best Snow on Earth is right. The best weather on earth all together, according to me.
I realize that I worry about my hair too much. I know when it's going to be humid because my hair has a super sensitive humidity radar. I want to move back to where every day is a good hair day and, of course, where my family is (Northern Utah).

I am the happiest when I am with my whole family in Utah where I get to watch my kids develop relationships with their cousins and grandparents.

I am not religious but I try to be humble, kind, giving and accepting of people however they choose to live.

My best friends are my sisters and my mom.

Isn't my Mom cute? I love her!!!

 I am never offended if somebody doesn't particularly like my decorating style. I feel more individual that way and certainly happy that everyone can express themselves in their own unique way.  However, I am truly flattered if I can inspire someone to try something new.

I admit that I get way too attached to our homes and have a very hard time leaving them. I even get homesick for living with my Mom and Dad, still. Marc and I have lived in 6 or 7 different houses during our journey together while following career opportunities and  while we break away from the "norm". I put a lot of love into each home (Utah, Georgia, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut & Virginia).

Lake Tahoe and Yellowstone are the best vacation spots for me. I love the mountains.

Having down time keeps me sane or close to it.

My kids say "My mom loves to party"....only because our house is open for a good time, anytime. We even use a karaoke machine to play Dancing Queen...I have no idea the lyrics but I am determined to learn them before our next New Years party.  (I was not blessed with musical talent like my husband and kids were)

Please do not count how many times I said "I" in this post - it's embarrassing. I thought of writing this article in third person to avoid the "I" and "me's" but then you would all think I was super weird like that Seinfeld episode where Elaine's guy friend called himself by his own name all the time. Did you see that one? Seinfeld episodes make me laugh....actually, lots of things make me laugh. Humor and love make the world go 'round!

Actually - 'HAPPINESS' is one of my favorite words, and although every single day isn't filled with happiness, I wish it on all who I know in life and my web friends that I am so lucky to have.

Well, Susan and Kris, thanks for allowing me to be all self-centered for a day.
Holly Down to Earth Style

Holly, thanks so much for stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing more of yourself with us! (And I do remember that Seinfeld episode-hilarious!)
Please visit Holly at Down to Earth Style, then head over to Kris's blog to read about Rita from Panoply! :)


  1. I have always loved Holly and her blog and now I do even more. She is truly down to earth and I think it's so great to learn more of her personal side. I wish she were one of my neighbors. Cute, fun, talented and real. Thanks Holly and Susan! :)


  2. I'd let Holly run over my mail box anytime in exchange for re-decorating my home HOLLY for sharing this! Christine from Little Brags

  3. Holly,
    This was really fun to read your post and get to know you better. I love that you are so close with your family. Your sisters and mom look like you guys have a lot of fun all together. Love your sweet boys and hubby. Adorable family. Thanks for sharing with all of us and letting us get to know you better.

  4. Holly this was fun to read and I'm glad to get to know you a little better! You have given me some great decorating advice and you really know your stuff! If we were neighbors, I wouldn't care if you smashed my mailbox or spilled stain...I'd love having you do something at my place! Yellowstone is my favorite vacation place and I miss the days when I lived close enough to just go for the day! Fun stuff and great writing. Thanks for not doing it in the 3rd person! LOL!

  5. Holly, what a enjoyable article. I love your blog, you are so informative. I love your decorating ideas and love your paint choices. You are the type of person who can make any house a home. It's always heart warming to see your blogs. Thank you!

  6. I love Holly, her blog, and her amazing gifts and talents!! It's always a treat to see what new project she's working on. I don't think her ideas ever stop flowing as I look on with awe!! She did a fabulous job opening up her personal side.
    Mary Alice

  7. So excited to see Holly here this morning, LOVE everything she creates!

    xo, Tanya

  8. Hi Holly, it's nice to meet you - loved your post and everything about you. I'll be visiting your blog right away!
    Rita C. at Panoply

  9. So, so excited to see Holly featured here this morning! I love her style and her blog.

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  10. I loved learning more about Holly, Kris! She definitely comes across as down to earth and I think that describes her and her blog perfectly. She always got some great ideas on her blog and I loved seeing some of them in this post.

  11. Oh I love her and her blog, she is such a really special person. Hugs, Marty

  12. I have been following you for awhile! I love love love your work. Totally my style. Keep it up. You are amazing.

  13. I have been following you for awhile! I love love love your work. Totally my style. Keep it up. You are amazing.

  14. Susan,
    I think I might cry. We need to have a blogger party so I can hug you all!

  15. I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of Holly. I stumbled on her blog one day and have been hooked ever since. Just luv her and her blog. The name says it all. Such a sweet and special lady!! Makes me wish I still lived in her neck of the woods. I can see us getting into mischief together.
    Thanks for featuring her!!

  16. are THE CUTEST!! I loved reading about you and I always love what you do in your home. Thanks for sharing, Must Love Junk!


  17. What a fun post to read about Holly. I follow her blog, but did not know much about her.

  18. holly's blog was the very first blog i followed:) she has such a beautiful style, and family--tfs, susan!

  19. So fun to meet Holly! I enjoyed reading all about her!

  20. Holly, loved refreshing my memory of the wonderful life you have had. Much more to come. You are my best friend also. love ya, mom

  21. She is one of my very favorite bloggers. (Do you know I know people who have never HEARD of NPR?) She named her blog aptly, because she truly is down to earth. She is sweet and kind and she is a joy to have for a blog friend.

  22. I've been a fan of Holly's for some time, and really enjoyed getting to know her better. Loved seeing the family photos (super cute mom photo!) and appreciate her humility and humor! Great post, Holly, and thanks for sharing her here, Susan!

  23. I love knowing more about you, Holly! I absolutely adore your decorating style and wish I'd had the talent of wood working. I'm always fascinated when women create furniture. I love that you have such a great family life too, including your Utah family. You have really moved around!

    Thanks so much to both of you for sharing!

  24. Love Holly, first blog that I followed, never comment, but always looking.

  25. Does anyone know what happened to Holly's blog? I tried going to it and got the message Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.'



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