Friday, January 24, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Jeanette from Creating A Life

Hello! Every Saturday Kris (Junk Chic Cottage) and I each spotlight a blogger where they tell us a little bit more about themselves so we can get to know the person behind the blog.

Today I'm so pleased to spotlight Jeanette from Creating A Life!  Not only is Jeanette beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, too! On her blog you will see her fun decorating style, and you'll also be inspired by her positive, uplifting attitude!
Please sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know Jeanette better!

I've really been enjoying this series with Susan and Kris, and I'm so happy I was invited to participate! 

I thought I'd share a little of my background and bring you along on a bit of my journey to Creating a Life. 

I really am a born "junker". I grew up in southern California, and from the time I was very young I can remember picking up castoffs and picking through things in my dad's garage, collecting "junk" and thinking, "what can I turn this into...?"


I have a distinct memory of going into a second hand shop with my grandmother and thinking that I couldn't imagine anything more fun than having my own "junk shop" when I grew up!  : )

In my late teens, I began taking more of an interest in decorating and design. I took a couple of design classes at the community college while working my way into a manager position at a fast food restaurant. 

In my early twenties I spent about four years working in customer service at an office supply company and then at the ill-fated "Fashion Channel". Anyone here old enough to remember that? Sort of like QVC, but all fashion, all the time. If you ordered something and never received it, you likely spoke to me : )

I wish I had some photos of the first apartment my best friend and I shared! Picture lots of mauve and black lacquered furniture and plenty of Nagel-style prints on the walls. Hey, it was the 80's! 

My design taste has changed just a bit since then. 

The Fashion Channel went under, and I found myself working in a gorgeous retail furniture store that specialized in romantic country antique reproductions. Beautiful furniture, beautiful fabrics...sigh. 

What a dream place to work at that time. I still have a few of the furniture pieces I purchased while working there!

In a few years I had worked my way to being the store manager, but by this time I had had my first baby. I desperately wanted to be at home with her, but I was blessed to have my aunt (my mom's twin sister) care for her while I worked. 


 When my aunt was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I knew it was the time to leave my job. I was privileged to be her caretaker in her last year and to finally be home with my little girl. 

After my aunt's death we left southern California and moved to Colorado for work opportunities for my husband.

Fast forward to 2009. I was now the homeschooling (since 2000), stay at home mother of four children ranging in age from 1-17. 

In January my husband left us and the ensuing separation and divorce was the most devastating time I've ever experienced. 

I knew that God wanted me home with my children, but how could that be possible now?

Along the way when things have looked hopeless, I have literally stood on God's promise to provide and care for me and my children, and He has been so faithful! As I would step out in faith, another "stepping stone of grace" would appear.

Late summer of 2012, during a particularly down time, I felt I was being led to explore blogging, opening an online shop and selling through other venues.

My, then 15-year-old, daughter helped me set up the blog (humbling) and I shared my first public post at the end of October. Scary!
I opened The Penny and the Pearl on Etsy soon after.

I couldn't have imagined then what blogging would mean to me, but what I've found is that the encouragement and creativity of the blogging community has really been medicine to my soul.

The Lord has given me a gift of looking at things with an eye for possibilities my entire life.  

He has used a very painful time in our family to guide me into healing, and a new life of using that gift to connect with you all through my blog and shop. 

He's just so amazing like that.

I'm excited to see where this year takes us in our pursuit of Creating a Life!

Thanks so much for having me over, Susan! I appreciate you letting me share a bit of my story today!

Jeanette, thank you so much for sharing with us!  I really enjoyed your honesty in telling your story, and seeing your beautiful family!
Please visit Jeanette at Creating A Life, then head over to Kris's blog to read about Rosemary from Villabarnes! :)


  1. Susan I love Jeanette and she has the most beautiful and loving heart. Her story her journey has made me realize what a true beauty she is completely inside and out. I love her blog and am so blessed to know this lovely treasure. Thank you for featuring Jeanette so that others can come to know her as well. They will absolutely fall in love.


  2. Jeanette,
    I have loved you and your blog for awhile now and to get to know more about you and your story is so heartwarming. You are not only talented but brave and full of faith and hope for a better future. Thanks for letting all of us get to know you on a more personal level.

  3. Thank you for sharing more of Jeanette with us. I truly enjoyed getting to know her better and am that much more inspired by her after hearing a little bit of what she has gone through to get to today:-) An amazing woman!


  4. It was lovely to read Jeanette's story and see her beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. So nice reading about Jeanette. What a beautiful spirit she has. This is such a wonderful series. I love finding out a little more about some of my favorite bloggers.

  6. I have been reading Jeanette's blog since the beginning. We have the common thread of growing up in southern California. I love how she creates things from nothing like a lovely wreath she created when she was in California recently for Christmas.

    Thanks for featuring Jeanette.

  7. Thank you Jeanette for sharing your story and the beautiful photo of your sweet family !

    Blessings to you !

  8. It's good to see you in the spotlight, Jeanette - you deserve it! Though just an occasional reader before, I'm now one of your newest followers. Your trunk project was recognizable from previous features, but your life journey is definitely worth joining. Your strength and beauty is evident in you, your family and your home. Stay strong!
    Rita C. at Panoply

  9. This was such a fantastic post & I can't wait to explore her blog.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  10. What a heartwarming and inspiring story!! I can tell by her photos that I love her style already. Need to check out her blog!
    Mary Alice

  11. What a great post! It was so nice to meet Jeannette! She is beautiful and so is her family. Love the pictures of her house and I'm going over to check out her blog.

  12. What a beautiful post and such an inspiring story too. Love all your beautiful photos Jeanette.

  13. I really enjoyed reading about Jeanette. I have not seen her blog before, so I will be sure to go check it out. Looks like she has a nice shop too! I always hate to hear of a woman in a situation like she had to endure, but it does sound like she has come out of it well. That's encouraging. I'm sure she can be a role model to so many others.

  14. I love visiting Jeanette's blog. Everything is beautiful! Knowing her story now makes me like it all the more. :)

  15. Susan and Kris, thanks so much for having me today- what an honor! I'm so grateful for the kind comments, as well!

  16. I love Creating a Life. Jeanette has the perfect balance of "real" life and amazing creativity on her blog. Congratulations!

  17. What a wonderful outlook on life, Jeanette! I am so glad to have found you here today-headed to your blog to check it out- xoDiana

  18. From the moment that I stopped by Jeanette's blog and read her story I've been a fan. Not only do I admire her strength and grace, but I think she's got an amazing gift for creating beauty.

  19. Susan, thanks for helping us get to know our fellow bloggers better! Jeanette, this post is so inspiring. :)

  20. Beautiful family and lovely blog post! Thank you for sharing ~ off to check out Jeanette's blog.


  21. I have loved following Jeanette's blog for some time. Her story is humbling and I adore her style! Her family is just darling!

  22. I have never been to Jeanette's blog, but her story has uplifted my soul so much that I am going to go right over. In spite of all the bad things that have befallen her, she has her faith, drive and those beautiful children to make the journey easier. Thanks fir a great post, Susan!


  23. I loved looking at Jeanette's gorgeous photos and reading her inspiring story...Her faith and resourcefulness has certainly led her to moving on to a new path in life which is so admirable. What a beautiful family!...Thanks Susan for a most inspiring story!

  24. My first visit to your site! I'm a junker also! I'll be checking back! Thank you for sharing Jeanette's awesome testimony! What a strong and mighty woman of GOD that she is!

  25. I remember when you first started blogging! Look how far you've come in such a short time. Your style is so pretty, and I can tell that you are a sweet and beautiful person inside and out. Thanks for sharing your background info, very inspiring.


  26. thanks for sharing this lovely family's story, susan!

  27. I love your blog. This is a cool site and I wanted to post a little note to tell you, good job! Best wishes!!!

  28. Love your blog and your story is amazing…

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