Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Arizona Shop and a Sale

Before I show you my finds that I brought back from Arizona, I wanted to show you one more shop and another great monthly sale that we discovered!
(Please excuse the photos-they were taken with my phone.)

Last year after my hubby and I shopped the Sweet Salvage Sale (you can read about this year's sale here) we hit many area shops that were recommended to me.  This year we did the same.

If you're in Phoenix a must-stop shop is Rust and Roses!

This shop is filled to the brim with amazing goodies!

There's even a huge outside area bursting with delightful eye candy...check out all this industrial goodness!

The owner is such a sweetie!  While we were chatting I mentioned that we were staying in Tucson for the rest of our trip, and she told me about a great once a month sale going on that very weekend!

Well, yahoo!!  Of course we had to check it out the next day! (My mom and I drug Keith and my dad along with us.  They were good sports!)

This monthly sale is called 'Gather-A Vintage Market' and it didn't disappoint!

My parents and I met the owner, Tray, who is an absolute GEM!!  (I feel terrible that I didn't get a picture of him but I was so distracted by all of the wonderful treasures, that I didn't think of it until later.)

He was so friendly and helpful and he let us pick his brain about both the creative and business aspects of running the sales.  (As shop owners we're always interested in hearing about other proprietor's experiences.)

They are located in a warehouse and there are 8 different vendors who contribute their considerable talent and merchandise to this venture.

They started these sales about a year ago, and are steadily growing in size and in client numbers.
(They recently expanded into another part of the warehouse.)

Tray introduced us to his family who are all involved as well, and to one of his creative designers.

It was truly a delight to meet him and talk with him!

You can feel how passionate he is, and his creative vision is an inspiration!

If you live in the area or will be visiting Tucson, I highly recommend that you visit this fun sale!

Here are more pictures to drool over...

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I promise that I'll be back soon to show you my finds...I won't tease you much longer!

Have a great day :)


  1. Great shop, Susan! I see a few things I would have been happy to walk out of there with.

  2. I was drooling over the photo with the European grain sacks, and then the caption underneath read, "here are more photos to drool over", LOL! Looks fun! Show us your finds already!

  3. Oh Gosh. I would have gone nuts if had been there. So many things with the just perfect patina on them. I love old things and a sale like this had been a honey hole for me. Lucky for my vallet that i live in Norway!!! Have a nice day.
    Love from Marit in Norway

  4. Your phone and your great eye are doing a lot better than my camera and me! Boy, would I love to be shopping with you!

  5. Hi Susan, Love going along with you on your shopping adventure!! I'm drooling over many unique items....and I love the warehouse aspect of a shop!! Even if one doesn't buy anything, it can give you such great ideas! I haven't been junking/shopping in a while and I'm due!! Can't wait to see your finds~~~Roxie

  6. What great displays and inspiration !
    Thank you for sharing !

  7. I just love looking at other shops displays, great inspiration, thanks!

  8. Susan, there are so many wonderful things for sale at this store. Amazing. We don't see things like that here in our part of Canada. There are a couple of huge flea markets that take place one weekend in the summer but a lot of the stuff is junk. I mean real junk. And imported stuff. Any antiques are too expensive to buy. I love all the vintage metal trucks and toys in your photos. Reminders of many hours of play in my childhood. Pamela

  9. It's always fun to visit shops in different areas of the country and see what the hot items are in that particular area.
    Anxious to see what you picked up, Susan!
    Mary Alice

  10. So much eye candy Susan!! I saw a bunch of things that would have made there way home with me!

  11. Oh what loveliness! I am itching for Spring and some thrift and antique shopping!

  12. Wow, lots of goodies there for sure! Sounds like a very fun trip. Next time hubby and I go to Tucson I will schedule it when this sale is going on.

  13. Oh wow! That looks amazing! Such beautiful things.

  14. What an awesome shop!! I see so many things that I like.

  15. Hi Susan, Thank you for taking us with you to another great shop and a wonderful sale. I saw several things I would have loved to take home. You must have had lots of fun.

  16. I love monthly pop up shows!! so fun!! lucky girl!

  17. Crazy beautiful! I wish I knew of shops like these in Colorado!
    OK, so next time you really need to show us your finds, Susan! ;)

  18. You had to be in "vintage heaven" at these shops..and love the name Rust and Roses...

  19. I have to tell you Susan, I would have been broke with these shops. So much heavenly things there. Lavender on of my favs as you know!!!! Stop being a tease missy, I want to see the goods, LOL!


  20. Oh, I LOVE!! PS I'm hosting a $150 giveaway for and thought you would be interested :)

  21. My new change of "Saving Money" would have been destroyed right then and there....
    Love it all...

  22. What a great looking shop! I would have trouble walking out of there empty handed.

  23. I really enjoy your blog....and wow !! would I love to shop at that place. I LOVE old stuff.....LOL I have LOTS of things from my parents and from my grandmother...... I even have her wedding shoes from 1905. Now the challenge is to sort and decide what I am going to keep.....and what I can part with....and then find homes for the things I can let go of. I am going to try to use many of the items to decorate....but have to impress upon my daughter that most of them are antiques and can be sold....not just thrown away. So I will be reading on your blog and getting ideas of how to use and display things. Thanks !!

  24. Wow, what a store you discovered! A treasure trove ... Can't wait until you reveal your found treasures.

  25. Oh Susan what a great shop and market. I saw so many wonderful goodies. I would have had to get a uhaul to get home!

  26. I now know why you told me that you needed a truck to bring everything you wanted home!!!! one extra suitcase is CLEARLY not enough- next year- take extra money for shipping????lol


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