Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Finds

My mom and I are always on the hunt for treasures for our shop (and Etsy) which is so much fun but can be dangerous!  A lot of times items intended for the shop end up in my house...ok, let's be honest-MOST of the time the items end up in my house! That's what happened when I spied this fun little metal and glass 'terrarium'.  I couldn't resist playing around with different vignettes in many possibilities!  I started with a small book of old sheet music (Home Sweet Home is the name of our shop!) as a backdrop, then added a metal bird's nest that I found awhile ago at Arhaus.  Why stop there? So I redid the whole vignette on top of a shabby bookcase in my sunroom...I gathered a few glass bottles together from different places in the house and grouped them on a white platter, then added a metal candelabra that was inside, and voila! I'm pretty happy with the results...for now :)
Have a wonderful night!


  1. Now you see... this is why I could never be a seller... I am way too much a "collector". Like you, I would try to keep everything! Love the terrarium!

  2. Maureen, it's definitely hard! Luckily I have the shop, to constantly rotate my stuff-keeps it interesting!

  3. i am diggin those glass jars besideb the terrrarium too!!!


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