Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Office Look for 2013!

(I want to thank Angie from Knick of Time for featuring this post!)
Hi, everyone!  Have you ever lived with something in your home forever, and it never bothered you, then suddenly one day you woke up and it bugged you so much that you couldn't live with it anymore? It had to be changed...Right. Now.  Well, that's what recently happened to me with our office walls.  We've lived here for 7 1/2 years, and when we moved in, the walls in our office were red.  Which was perfectly fine.  I liked them.  Occasionally I toyed with the idea of painting them a different color, but I was never motivated enough to actually do it.  Until now.
Here's what our office looked like a couple of weeks ago...

 Because of the red, I felt inspired to go with a more industrial vibe in here, and I did really like it. (You can see a lot more of the office 'before' pics here-in fact this is one of my most popular posts, with a cool pic of this room from the 50's- and also here.)

 But I suddenly wanted a lighter, more neutral color on the walls. And with that change, of course I had to totally re-do the whole room.  Darn, I hate when that happens-ha! (You can see how I'd already begun re-styling the shelves even before we painted, I was so excited! :)

Keith was off last week, so I recruited him to help me paint. Like the good sport that he always is, he went along with my decision with no fuss. (Well, maybe just a little head shaking at my moving furniture around...he says nothing stays the same long around here!)  Luckily this room is small, and only 2 walls were red, since the other 2 walls are all built-in bookshelves.  I decided to use Martha Stewart's Cityscape, which is a gray/green/beige. My mom and I used it in our shop when we remodeled last year, and we love it!  It kind of changes color depending on what it's paired with.  So here's the same wall as above, sporting the new color and decor...

I'm really happy with how it turned out!  I think it feels brighter and fresher in here now.  This table and chair were together out in our sunroom, and since I like the combo I just brought them in from their usual spot.  We don't use that room this time of year, so that works out fine.  (Hmm, guess that means I'll have to re-do the sunroom now when it gets nicer and we start using it again :)

I wanted to accessorize in a more 'farmhouse' style, and I just used things gathered from around the house.

This is my new spot to drink my morning coffee or curl up with a book!

We always joke that my mom is my personal 'picker'-she always finds the greatest stuff at great bargains, and she recently found this gorgeous vintage Singer base.  She actually got it for the shop, but guess who 'stole' it for themselves?  I do that quite a bit-that's why she's my (unintentional) personal picker! I topped it with an old mirror and placed it on the other side of the chair.

I added a 'tray' of some apothecary bottles, a tall topiary in a shabby bucket, and a little galvanized bucket filled with old rulers on the bottom 'shelf'.  Voila!  My newly decorated wall is complete. Well, this side of the room, at least!

Thank you so much for stopping by- I hope you enjoy the new look! I'll be showing you the other side of the office and the bookshelves soon.  Have a wonderful day!
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  1. I love the new look. I have a sewing machine base in my living room and have been struggling with what to put on it after "Christmas" was removed. I have a glass top and I love your idea of a tray with glass bottles. I see a project coming on.

    Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Love the new colour and the farmhouse look. You have some beautiful collections. I'm wondering where you got the slipcover and/or the brand for the wing chair. It looks nice and thick. I have a wing chair in our bedroom that I don't feel like sewing a cover for.

  3. Susan,
    I love the new office so pretty and full of character. Love it. I am glad you came away from the "dark side" (ha ha!!) and lightened the walls. It is so cozy in there. I can't wait to see what you did with the built in shelves. That is the perfect place to curl up with a good book. Great Job.

  4. your red office looked really great, but I like how you really changed it up. Love the lighter look too!

  5. You know me...I'm always for the farmhouse look! Lookin' good!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  6. love it!!! especially the book case walls...

  7. Love the new look. Such a soothing color! Happy New Year!

  8. Very looks like a room you can also put your feet up in and read a good book! Love the new color and the chair and table. Good for you!


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    Many blessings....Brooke

  10. Looks the new wall color, very cozy!! And that mirror on top of the signer base is a match made in Heaven! Enjoy :) Laurel

  11. this is a great neutral color, love your new direction!

  12. What a gorgeous room!!!! I just adore your farmhouse style!! The neutral color really lets your treasures shine!

  13. Wow! I know I always tell you how much you inspire me! But really you do! Each time I look at your blog it puts me in a mood to run around the house and move things around.... I love your style. Thanks so much for inspiring me each day!

  14. The neutral walls really makes this room look serene, now~ I'm sure you'll be enjoying it so much more. I think we just get tired of things and go for a bold change. I know that I do! LOL
    Hope you enjoy a wonderful new year in 2013, Susan. Who knows- the Buckeye Bloggers may all get together once again once the weather gets nice. I'd love to meet up w/ya. :-) Sue

  15. I love it!!!! and soooo much better than it was!!!! Keep up the great work and hurray and please share the finished product!!! Donna Kelly

  16. You have so much great stuff! I love that shutter with the dress form stencilled on it and that white bucket is pretty awesome too! Your mom did good with the singer sewing machine base....was it white when she found it?!?!

  17. I know exactly what you mean!
    LOVE your redo - it's much more "You" and in keeping with your other rooms, it seems. You DO have the coolest stuff, Susan. And your mom is a wonderful picker!

  18. I love the new color...and it is so wonderful how you can gather things from about your home to create beautiful new vignettes in the all that you have done!...

  19. Your new look is wonderful, Susan. LOVE the farm table with the charming top. Great shutter! You have a great collection of apothecary jars and I like how you've gathered them on an ironstone platter. I'd gravitate to this delightful spot with my coffee too!
    Mary Alice

  20. Love the new look! Love that shutter! Love it all!

    It is so much fun to change, isn't it?

    Enjoy your new coffee drinking and book reading place.

  21. I love the new look AND the shutter. You did a wonderful job. I hope you are having a great weekend- xo Diana

  22. Looks GREAT!!!!! I love how it all came together!

  23. I love the new look! The vintage farmhouse style is my favorite. I love all your accessories and the table is amazing! Fabulous job!

  24. Oh Susan, I LOVE this new look! It looks fabulous!!! Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

  25. I love what you did with the office and I LOVE that farm table, so jealous:) Your blog is one of my favorites! I am so glad to hear you found mine and have become a follower!

  26. Wow Susan, I love everything about it. That color is a perfect choice and of course, all your accessories really make the room. I'm the same way; I can live with something for years and then all of a sudden it has to go.

  27. LOVE! Great job! New follower. Peace and blessings!

  28. What a great makeover!! Love the wall color!

  29. Susan you KNOW I love it! I loved the red too but white/grey gets me every time! love love love!

  30. GREAT transformation! I'm going through something similar with my living room right now...I just woke up one day recently, decided I hated the wall color, and am now immersed in a total redo. Oh well! ;)

  31. Great makeover! Thanks for following along, I now follow you as well. :)


  32. Beautiful, Susan! You did some excellent work there! :-)

  33. It looks Fabulous! LOVE the candelabra!!

  34. Awesome as always girl. I love those vintage bottles. Thanks for sharing.

  35. I am so glad you found me so I can follow you back! your blog and style is gorgeous!!!

    Young Mum's Guide to Survival

  36. It's beautiful! I just love how all your junk comes together too. You have such a cool style!

  37. I love the update and all your vintage goodness!

  38. Beautiful! I love your new office look! Thanks for visiting my blog and for following. I like it here and follow back with pleasure!

  39. I love the new look! Its just so rewarding if you can shop your house and come up with a complete new look!


  40. Hi, Susan

    Ever time I come by I just love what you have created with your rusty junk. LOL, I love French Country, but I don't know. You make this junk look gorgeous! : ) It's always fun when I stop by. Have a great week.


  41. Now, that change in your home office is perfect! The country or farmhouse style you adapted in that office is so cosy to work on.


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    ""Weekly goals"" is now up for this week. Would love for you to link up this week. Have a beautiful day.
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  44. The whole office looks as if it’s more comfortable to work in it than before. The personalized furnitures are really a nice touch!

    Clayton Steadham

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