Saturday, March 22, 2014

Horsing Around

Hi, everyone!

While my mom and I were out 'junkin' for our shop last week, I came across this sweet little guy.

I've seen old children's rocking horses before...

...but I've never been drawn to one like I was to this!

I mean, just look at that patina!!

There's some variations of grays and blues... well as some patches of soft coral/pink peeking through.  Can you tell that I'm smitten?

 I used his seat to display a nest...

...and then gave him a new home on a small bench underneath my barn wood shelf...

...which is loaded with goodies.

This area is in the front of my living room, next to the hallway and my stack of suitcases.

On the bottom of the shelf underneath my new treasure,  I gathered some decor books...

...stacked them in a quirky wire basket...

...and placed 3 small boxwood topiaries on top.

I think that the little guy looks quite happy here, don't you?

He's the perfect size and perfectly distressed, so he fits right in!

I hope that you enjoyed meeting him!

Thank you so much for stopping by...

...and have a wonderful day :)

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  1. I love your new rocking horse! The layers of colors make it even better.

  2. What a wonderful collection, and with the addition of the well worn lovely patina on the rocking horse you have created a visual treasure. Pinning.

  3. I love rocking horses, and that's a great find! My daughter's is put away for now, but I have several miniatures.

  4. The patina on the rocking horse was just fabulous. I really understand why you bought it.
    It is beautiful with its old and worn look. And what a place to display other little treasures on the horses back. I totaly would have bought it myself.
    Have a nice day, from Marit

  5. Adorable. Can you imagine all the joy this little rockin' guy has brought out? Love your vignette too!
    Have a happy one,

  6. Precious. He looks well loved. I love the bits of paint peeking out everywhere.

  7. I love all vintage children's toys, and your well loved rocking horse is no exception, Susan! I like the way you styled your barnwood shelf, too.

  8. Your horse is adorable -- especially with the wonderful nest!

  9. perfect! love his colors and wear….and clever to put the little nest on the saddle!

  10. I love that little horsy. He could be named "old paint". Blessings,. xoxo,Susie

  11. I love every vignette you create - you're amazing.

  12. Oh Susan I am always in awe of your beautiful vignettes you put together. The Rocking horse well it just ROCKS! It is so amazing and fits so perfect in with your other decor there. Beautiful. I still think you need to change your blog from Must Love Junk to Wonderful Vignettes by Susan. You are the vignette queen! Have a great Sunday.

  13. He's just the sweetest little guy and I can see why you had to keep him for yourself. You found a perfect home for him with all your treasures.

  14. I LOVE this Susan...and I love your blog! What a great rocking horse and I covet that awesome shelf above. It is everything I love!
    Thank you for the lovely comment you left for me at Kris' place. This is such a wonderful thing you two do..introducing bloggers to each other.

  15. How adorable! Wouldn't you love to know who made it and who it was for? I'm sure a little one, or more, thoroughly enjoyed this treasure.


  16. He is beautiful! I think he's had many paint jobs in the past but I like the weathered grey look. He fits in perfectly there.

  17. The nest looks like a saddle! That is really fabulous.

  18. He does look wonderful in this spot. The colors on this cute little guy are sooo yummy!!! No wonder you couldn't pass him up.
    Mary Alice

  19. oMGOSH!!! Don't you just LOVE him? Don't you wish you knew the history behind him and how many kids had spent happy hours rocking on his back? He looks like he was well loved and well used. He is perfect in that spot- xo Diana

  20. Love the rocking horse and it looks like it was meant for the spot you put it in!! Love the little nest on it too.

  21. It's a wonderful piece, Susan. Design and chippiness of the rocking horse are great. I always drool over your shelf with all the lovely vintage treasures.
    Have a wonderful week!

  22. Well how pretty is that Susan! I totally see why you just had to have him. And you displayed him perfectly! And that cabinet above him is amazing too. So interesting!

  23. Charming horse, but I really love the items in your vignette! Those numbered canisters are so cool!

  24. What a great find and I love the birds nest on top, so quaint.


  25. Susan you found a great addition to your lovely finds! He has so much character and it makes me just imagine his history! Sweet little horsey. Of course as always, I love your little many goodies to look at. :)

    P.S. You're the sweetest...thanks so much for your encouragement!

  26. Oh I would have brought him home too!!...Great find and as you said, great patina...I can just see a little one enjoying their ride on this horse that someone made for so very special...

  27. Susan, You absolutely found the perfect spot for your perfect little horse!! So pretty!

  28. There you go again Susan with another amazing vignette! Love the rocking horse and his patina.The shelf above the adorable new find is really attractive. Happy Monday, had the grands this weekend and I'm behind enjoying my favorite blogs.

  29. I love your horse, Susan...and the wonderful all the love over the years!

  30. I’m little shy to say it, yet I love to point out my opinion about that cute, spectacular and beautiful rocking horse! You are lucky that you have one, memories of my childhood is sinking today that I wanted to go back to my granny’s house. Classy!

    Sebastian of
    Bali Hut Super Store

  31. LOVE him!! Great find...and lovely display :)

  32. Love the sweet little horse. He looks great under the shelf, too!
    I like all of your primitives.

  33. He's adorable! I'm afraid if I had a shop, I'd want to keep it ALL for myself! And then I'd make no money and have to shut the shop down :)

  34. what a great find your little horse was

  35. OH my goodness, he's adorable! I would have snatched him up in a second! He looks perfectly at home in his new spot. Great find. :)

  36. Rocking horses are so much fun to decorate with and looks like he was meant to be displayed with your open shelf cabinet. Love your style.
    Found you at Revi's Revisionary Life-Thrifty Life Thursday.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  37. Beautiful find....such a perfect treasure for that spot. Love it.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  38. Passionate about the little pony with perfect patina! Love the new space there with the collectibles in the cabinet above and the wire basket below.

  39. Love the rocking horse and I am sure it has been rocked by many little ones to enjoy...nice treasure Susan!

  40. I must say that he is a chunky little guy that has held a lot of bottoms...enjoy the little cutie!


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