Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

 I was perusing Etsy the other day when I came across this fantastic basket on fellow blogger/friend Donna's (from Distressed Donna Down Home) Etsy shop.
I was instantly smitten, and decided to treat myself to it for my birthday (not that I ever need a reason-ha!) which is on Monday.

This afternoon, when I got home after a busy day, a package was waiting for me! (Don't you just love that?)

The inside of the box was filled with tulle...

and the basket was wrapped up so pretty!

She also had another little goody wrapped up for me!

This sweet little tag with fabric 'ribbon' and small clock face...adorable!

I've always loved these fishing creel baskets, but surprisingly have never owned one!

This one is very shabby, which adds to its character, but I love how Donna lightly whitewashed it, then lovingly 'repaired' parts of it with bits of ticking, a fabric flower, some buttons, etc.!

That makes it so unique and special!

I've been playing around with where to put it.

Do I want it hanging on my vintage lockers in the sunroom?

Or sitting on a barn wood table?

Perhaps on a chippy blue stool that I just got?

Wherever it ends up, I'll enjoy my one-of-a-kind birthday treasure!

Have a great night!

(Please check back on Saturday as Kris and I will be spotlighting two wonderful bloggers! :)


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Friend. Enjoy your week end and special day on Monday. Woooo Hoooo lookin good Happy Birthday.

  2. It's awesome, Susan, and Happy Birthday to You! I like it hanging - it shows off its cute ticking handle best that way.

    1. Now that Donna's let the cat out of the bag, I can readily admit I have your basket's sister, lol. I hung mine in the sunroom, on the side of my wrought iron baker's rack. I'm thinking of putting this year's lavender in it - the wicker will allow air to circulate so it won't mold, but the lavender can spill out of the basket. :) I love Donna's altered art flair on the creel!

  3. Of course the basket was wrapped it was your birthday present to yourself. I am so glad you like the basket and the little b-day present. Since Rita bought the other one, she should be able to give some pointers. Mine is hanging on a shutter. Enjoy!

  4. Kris, What a fun little basket. I had one once and gave it to my grandson. xoxo,Susie

  5. Happy Birthday sweet girlfriend! I'm glad we can start the party early and open gifts! heehee! This is just perfect for you and Donna was so sweet to send it to you in style. I hope you have a wonderful birthday week. Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Happy birthday! You found a wonderful gift to yourself!

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday, Susan!!! I love giving myself a present.:-) This creel basket is so you and absolutely wonderful. I know you're going to have fun with it as you use it all around your home in different ways at different times.
    Mary Alice

  8. I loved when Donna made that basket! I'm glad you gifted yourself with it, Susan. It will look wonderful anywhere you put it...I can't decide between the blue stool or the barnwood table. :)
    Happy Birthday to you!
    xo, T.

  9. Happy Birthday to you! I love this sweet basket you found for yourself. I think the ticking fabric makes it so unique. You know I've never owned a fishing creel either. I've long admired them as well. Hope you have a nice weekend planned to celebrate your birthday.

  10. Hi Susan and Happy Birthday! What a pretty basket Donna made and yes it will look beautiful in your home wherever you place it! Enjoy your birthday next week! Have a great weekend.

  11. Love your basket and love Donna!!! What a great match. :) Her attention to detail and love go into her packaging, too. Happy Birthday, Susan girl!

  12. oh I love the fishing creel!!! awesome my friend ~ and a Very Happy Birthday to you!

  13. Happy Birthday Susan! Who says a girl can't buy herself a gift?:) I've always wanted a fishing creel basket. This one is so unique!
    xo Kathleen

  14. So So So cute! I just love it. Happy Birthday, Susan. I hope the whole day was wonderful for you and the next year will be a great one. xo Diana

  15. Awe.......your basket is adorable! It's great to open packages....I guess we will always be a kid at heart! It would actually be cute to take fishing! Hope your day was beautiful~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  16. Happy Birthday, pretty lady! I say go for it, treat yourself every day! I love the basket and I always treasure the "goodies" that these thoughtful ladies include.

    Sorry I haven't been getting by...I'm getting better though!!


  17. Well, that is the best way to improve a creel or any basket that is a bit distressed. I am amazed at how artistic Donna is. Hey, my birthday is tomorrow and I'm going over to her Etsy site. Happy Birthday to you! Don't you love having a birthday in June? It is such a happy month!

  18. Love those baskets too....and Happy Birthday to you...Have a wonderful birthday celebration with the loved ones in your life....

  19. Well happy birthday girl! I love that basket, and now you and Rita both have one! It would look pretty anywhere you hang it! You know we have so much in common, my birthday is Saturday, the 21st, but I know I'm older! Hope you had a great day!

  20. Happy Happy Birthday Susan!! You share a birthday with my youngest daughter :-) Have a great day!!

  21. Happy Birthday, Susan!! Love the basket you treated yourself is so sweet!!

  22. It's so cute! I've seen fishing creel baskets used in decorating before, but this one is unique with it's little, feminine "repairs". Adorable!
    Wishing you an early Happy Birthday, Susan!

  23. Love it! I can see a couple of flags sticking out of it for the 4th of Julu! Happy Birthday!!!!!! Xo

  24. What a wonderful gift and wonderful friend! It's beautiful Susan! And many happy birthday wishes are coming your way from me! Much joy to you!

  25. Happy Birthday Susan, and yes I love when boxes appear with great stuff. This is so cool, love it on the table and the bench.


  26. HAPPY
    Birthday to YOU!!!
    I think everyone should by a birthday present or 2 for themselves!!!

  27. Susan,
    I love your enthusiasm you have when you discover a precious unique item to add to the creativity of your wonderful soulful place. You bubble over with appreciation and happiness and that is always heartfelt and the reason I adore your energetic fun blog. I wish you a very happy Birthday on Monday and will light a BD candle in your honor, I find your posts always full of sweetness and joy. Thank you for being such a genuine adorable woman.

  28. Oh, I just love your vintage fishing creel all prettied up like that. I have one but don't dare make it pretty. LOL Enjoy your weekend.

  29. Happy (almost) Birthday Susan! I love your little find and the additional goodies inside. It's always such a joy when I receive 'Happy Mail', even if I did order it for myself :) Have a super weekend! Blessings, Cindy

  30. It's so cute and a perfect birthday gift for yourself. Happy birthday on Monday. Enjoy your special day.

  31. Happy Birthday Susan! Have a special weekend leading up to your special day. Blessings, Milena

  32. happy bday to you, susan:) i love how she used the ticking to fix it up! LOVE those lockers, too! have a great day!

  33. Ah...Happy Birthday! You are beautiful!!! xoxo Jen

  34. Oh Happy Birthday Susan! I'm a week late but hope you had an amazing day celebrating...or if you're like me...the whole week was a my hubby calls my Birthday "The Queens Jubilee"! It goes on and on and on. LOL. I love that basket and the wash on it is perfect!


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