Saturday, June 7, 2014

Junkin' Finds

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Hi, everyone!
This is my favorite time of year!  I know for many people it's the fall or the holidays; but to me nothing beats the warm weather, fresh lemonade (which Keith makes almost daily-we're addicted!) and shopping the flea market and garage sales!

It's good junkin' time...finally!!  After a long, harsh winter, we've been having some gorgeous weather and I'm in my element.  (Our local flea market is open 4 days a week, and I'd be there every day if I could!)

I thought I'd share some of my recently found treasures.  Some things I'll keep and others will end up in our shop, Home Sweet Home.

Warning: lots of pics of junkin' finds!  So here goes...

At the flea market the other day I found this pretty painted plate, and vintage them both!

I was attracted to the urn on this extra tall topiary, also from the flea.

This matching set of pitchers (in 2 sizes) caught my eye at the flea right away!  Such pretty lines.

This old grain sack was being used as a runner in a booth at the flea, and it was so hidden I almost missed it!
So glad that I didn't-score!

The same lady also had this huge grain sack pillow...

My friend Suzanne and I went to the special flea on Memorial Day and knowing about my current obsession with anything blue or green, she spotted these 2 things for me:
This cool old wooden box...

..and this super fun, chippy toy truck (which is the best of both worlds with both blue AND green!)

We joked that she was my picker for the that's a good friend! :)

I also found this great fan...

,,,and the blue and red floral sham in the background...

One of my favorite things that I found at the flea was this large bucket.

I'm not sure what it was used for (the dealer thought maybe grain but he wasn't sure either) but I've never seen one quite like it!  I love the wooden handle, the 'pull', and the bits of blue peeking out.

I'm always a sucker for galvanized buckets!  I'll probably fill it with dried hydrangeas or lavender.

The little pile of ticking scraps was purchased from the vendor where I got the grain sack and grain sack pillow.  I thought they looked cute just stacked randomly.

Here are some more things in the blues and greens that I've recently picked up...hope you're not getting bored yet! :)

Two pretty glass bottles...

...some architectural pieces of molding...

...a chippy old windowpane...

...this small, unusual corbel along with some old books (which Keith found for me)...

...this large, shabby milk can...

...and this chippy old shutter...

I told you that I'm obsessed with these colors!

Have you done any good junkin' lately?

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. Wow, what a load of wonderful chippy treasures you've found. I'm not even sure which one I'd call my favorite. Love that unusual bucket and the truck...OK the truck is my favorite:-)

  2. I love everything. We could never junk together. My favorites are the green wooden box, the grain sacks & ticking.

  3. Hi Susan, you found some wonderful things. I hope you enjoy them all. Have a nice Sunday and I bet that lemonade is delicious.

  4. Hi Susan, I am a new follower from info I got from my good friend Cindy of Cynthia Lee Designs telling me she was going to be on your Saturday Spotlight. Had to check out your blog as I am a junker myself. (I don't have a blog) love ALL of your new finds. Friends and I went on a road trip to check out a new prim shop in Mt Vernon and found lots of garage sales we could not pass up!
    What a fun day......and lots of junk! Have fun with your new finds.

  5. Great finds, Susan. My favorites are the textiles! The last couple of weeks I've been spending in the garden, not out hunting. I'm trying to get my 'stuff' better organized on industrial shelving, but you're right - it's good junkin' time! I saw so many sales yesterday while I was running some errands, but drove past them all. One thing's for certain - I never tire of seeing good finds, so post away!

  6. Score to the tenth power! I have bucket love too. I have far too many to count and we sell them all the time. xo, Olive

    p.s. I just bought an odd little quail hutch that was handmade-it is so cute

  7. Susan, I like your finds. Do the little pitchers say Radisson on the bottom? I have one shaped like yours and it says Radisson on it , but it's a bit older looking. I liked the bucket with the handle to help pour the contents out.. xoxo,Susie

  8. Ohhh I love the bucket! That is probably a piece that you will keep. If not, let me know!

  9. You found some great things, Susan! You make me want to get out to a flea market now! : ) I can't wait to see where you are going to use the things you are keeping. I think so many of them with the blue would go in your home. I'm sure it will be hard to decide what goes to the shop!

  10. Wow I love everything. I have the same fan, and would love to have the truck and bucket. Great scores.

  11. What a nice haul! Love the grain sack and the big pillow. Wonderful bucket. So many wonderful chippy finds. I would be giddy!

  12. isn't it so fun?!?! you really found some great stuff! we hit some fun sales over the weekend too, I just love finding treasures!

  13. Beautiful finds.
    I've hesistate to ask, but do you test for lead paint when going to flea markets? How is that handled with old stuff.

  14. Let me tell you I was not bored for one second!! Love all your cool finds. Just yesterday I found the coolest "Bed and Breakfast" sign. Thought it only appropriate since everyone that needs a temporary "home" seems to find there way to our house! LOL

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  15. You have been busy and your searches productive and fruitful! I'm especially in love with the Boulangerie plate. It is a good time to hit the sales -- I've had good luck this spring, too. I don't need to bring ONE MORE THING into this house -- but somehow, remembering that just isn't working!

  16. absolutely everything you found is a treasure! there's not one thing I don't love :)
    which flea markets are your favorites?
    happy 'hunting'!!

  17. Even though I only bought (amazing) donuts that day, it was super fun spotting those good finds. The truck was the find of the day!

  18. Oh my gosh!! what awesome treasures you found, Susan!!! I LOVE this time of year the best, too!
    that plate in your first photo is gorgeous. You've displayed all of your new finds so beautifully.

  19. WOW!

    You hit the "Junkin' Jackpot". I love everything you bought.

  20. Oooh, great finds! I am adding these very same colors to my living room so I love it all!


  21. Wow Susan, You found a lot of great treasures again! I'd have a hard time to pick a favorite. Maybe the milk can or the cute truck but I love everything else too.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  22. Wow Susan you found some really great treasures. I love that painted plate and that bucket is amazing. Love the little truck too. SCORE!!!!

  23. You always find great things. I love that corbel!

    I haven't been junkin' but I made some successful trips to HomeGoods. :)

  24. Wow! What treasures! I wanna go where YOU shop! I'm a sucker for anything blue and chippy as well! Love that truck and all that ticking!

  25. WOWIE Susan! You really scored amazing flea finds and so much in your new color's of blue and green. Love the patina on the green wood box, reminds me of weathered copper. OH my that painted plate ;-) I have 2 rust finish urns from Smith & Hawkins from around 20 years ago, they were expensive, what a find with your urn and topiary, wish I had your luck! I simply flipped over the lovely detail on the bottom of those 2 pitchers. Truck is adorable, I have a small collection of trucks, my favorite is my white pickup which is a milk truck. Throughout the year I fill the back with seasonal touches, I love it with white bottle brush trees. One of my friends collects vintage pick up trucks, once at a dinner party he hosted he lined the bed with cloth and filled it dinner rolls. What an unexpected adorable touch of whimsy. OK I'm shutting up now and wishing you and Keith a happy Sunday.

  26. Wow! You found some amazing things!! Love it all but those matching pitchers made my heart skip a beat!! Lucky you:)

  27. When you shop, you buy!!! Love the things you found. Loving the colors. Can't wait to see what ends up in the shop too. "wink".

  28. Love all the goodies that you found. I have the same small white pitcher that you have the two of. I love that aqua shabby milk can with the chippy red showing thru...two of my favorite colors to decorate with...well, besides white.

  29. Wow, these are terrific finds, Susan!! I would have a hard time parting with any of them. That little truck is darling!
    Mary Alice

  30. What great junkin' finds !!!! Happy Sunday !!!

  31. Wonderful finds



  32. Nope, not possible to get bored of blue and green!! So, so pretty!! That fan, oh my I love that. And the green box, too. Swoony! ~Angela~

  33. Susan,
    What an awesome load of goodies. Love that darling little truck...the cute aqua fan and the bucket is a keeper for sure.


  34. Oh my God Susan - I was going to say nothing could beat that plate and then as I scrolled down....
    Well I want that truck - and that bucket too
    What fabulous finds !

  35. I would call your day an incredible success! I love it all, but especially the pitchers, the bucket, the grainsack and the fan! I need a good junkin' day! xo Kathleen

  36. I could never get bored looking at all these FAB finds. I don't know which I love the best.It might be the chippy old truck...LOL Love the mail in it. Cute idea for the display.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  37. wow! I truly love the metal bucket. I think it is a "feeding" bucket, as the handle helps to dump it our

  38. First of all, I LOVE that plate and I want it, LOL!!! I love that bucket and grain sac too. What a great day you had.


  39. Love all the pieces, can't wait to see if any of them make it to your etsy shop :) It is so funny that you are just beginning your 'find' season and here in AZ we are Over it with all the heat! I probably won't see a yard sale/flea market sign around until October! I'll be suffering from withdrawals by then! Enjoy your week ~ Blessings, Cindy

  40. such great finds!! love the galvanized bucket with the pull and sweet toy truck!

  41. Great finds! Thank goodness spring is here. It was a long and hard winter

  42. Our season is coming to an end when it gets too be sweltering. Love the color palette of the finds - creamy whites, blue, green, and galvanized!

  43. Hi Susan, What a great junking day.....I need one bad!!! The window grabbed me and that galvanized bucket....neat design! Everything was sweeeet! I'm drawn to those colors too....Blessings~~~Roxie

  44. This is my favorite time of year too, Susan. What an amazing amount of wonderful finds. I think I may have drooled on my computer :)

  45. Susan, I love your blues and greens with your neutral background! You found some great pieces! Love the truck, the architectural much more! Thanks so much for sharing this at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!

  46. Susan you find the coolest vintage items! Love that plate and those glass bottles. Enjoy all your new treasures!

  47. Oh I loved looking at every picture and now going back for a second look

  48. You must have some GREAT places to shop! Those are some wonderful finds! I love every single thing you bought. You really hit the jackpot Susan! I like this time of year too. Especially after the long winter we had!

  49. I'm not getting bored, I'm getting jealous of all your great finds! Wow! You've got a good eye for rustic treasures, Susan!

  50. Oh Susan,
    I can barely contain myself with the ooooh's and awwwww's here with your finds. As pale as I am in treasure hunting most all your pieces would find there way into my home as well.
    Loving the two white stoneware pitchers, the grain sacks, the galvanized bucket, the corbel , wire basket filled with salvage, the shutters.....must I go on? You see Susan I could just move it all over to my place and make them feel at home.
    I so wish we had a local 4 day a week open flea market here, I know I would be there 4 days a week making sure I didn't miss out on what got away :)

    Beauty to your days filled with the warmth of must love junk !
    To your summer and days of Fresh lemons.


  51. You came away with some amazing finds. So much vintage goodness, I know you will make them all even more amazing!!!

  52. Oh my did you find the most wonderful things....must say that I LOVE the pair of pitchers...Looks like you had a great day of junkin'

  53. Oh my just gorgeous! The perfect colours too! I would be thrilled with any one of those finds. lucky you!

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