Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!

Hi, strangers!!
(I've almost forgotten how to write a post, it's been so long-ha!)

Happy Spring!  I hope you're all doing great!  :)

I've been good...just busy reopening our shop Home Sweet Home after our 2 month 'winter break.'

Of course I've been tweaking some things around my home, and thought now would be a good time to show you.

Do you remember the elephant in my living room (aka our tv armoire?)
I posted about it awhile ago here.

This is what it looked like before.  It was my style when we got it several years ago, but not so much anymore.

I had covered the doors with torn pages of old sheet music as a temporary fix; it held me for awhile but just wasn't 'getting it' anymore!

I've shared with you before that I don't paint, so a few weeks ago my sweet hubby took it upon himself to paint it for me (could it be that he got tired of hearing me complain about it? ;)

What a difference!!

I'm so happy with how it turned out!  Now it actually blends with the rest of the living room decor, instead of being an eyesore.

In the small space between the armoire and the fireplace, I wanted to keep things simple.  I got this chalkoard in a heavy old frame a couple of months ago, and it fit the space perfectly.
I wrote one of my favorite sayings on it: 'Courage is fear that has said its prayers!'

Underneath the frame I placed a white wicker chair and added some handmade pillows.

I've had this old, unique cardboard box that has 'groce cure hams and bacon' printed on it, and thought it would be fun on top of the armoire.

This is a corner of the living room that I've rarely ever shown  (those are the French doors to the patio on the other side of the armoire) but now I love it and feel like my living room is finally complete!

I'll be back soon to show you some more changes that I've made in this room.

And just as an update, my mom recently had her 6 month colonoscopy following her surgery for colon cancer. Her report came back great, and we are so thankful!
We'll forever be grateful for all of your prayers!

Have a wonderful day, and God bless you until next time! :)


  1. Good to see you! I'm so happy that your mom is doing well. Love the changes in your room. It's so nice to refresh...especially with spring finally here. Milena

  2. How nice to see you here!!! That looks great. What a difference that makes in the overall looks of the room. Lucky you to have a hubby that will paint!:>)
    Happy first day of Spring to you- xo Diana

  3. Hi Susan, glad to see you and missed you! Your husband did such a wonderful job painting the armoire. The living room looks great. So glad to hear that you Mom is in good health too. Take care.
    Julie xo

  4. Hey there Susan...I've missed you! Love the armoire painted...that whole corner looks so pretty!

  5. Welcome back, my friend! It has been too long since our hearts have been brightened by your beautiful spaces! And a happy spring to you!

  6. Oh, Happy Spring, Susan! It's so good to hear from you, and the update on your mom. I often thought about you both through your hiatus. Love the new decor touches too.

  7. Everything looks so fresh and pretty for Spring, Susan. I'm so glad your Mom is doing well!!!
    Big hugs,

  8. I'm glad you're doing well and your mother, too, Susan. You've been busy while you've been absent, I see! Your armoire looks completely at home now that it's been painted white. I painted mine white initially, but repainted it because I thought it looked to stark. Now I'm thinking of painting it white again. I guess we can't quit changing things up! Happy Spring!

  9. Susan,
    On the first day of Spring Philly is getting a snow storm! It is an absolute delight to see a new post from you. Just saying you've been missed. Your new chalkboard find is really wonderful, love the frame but it's the quote that is memorable. TV cabinet looks fresh and pretty. 6 month checkup, clean bill of health - blessings to your Mom.

  10. Hi Susan, Such good news about your Mom. Welcome back to you. I think your husband did a fine job on the armoire. You may want to use his talent again. :) Blessings , xoxo,Susie

  11. I think you did the right thing by painting the armoire. The corner looks sweet and I love the framed chalkboard. That is great news for your mother! May she continue to have good health. Have a wonderful spring weekend. Pam

  12. Love your hutch. I hate to paint, I wish I had the patience for it. So happy for the good news on your mom. Have a great weekend.

  13. So glad your back Susan. I was also happy to hear that your mother is doing great.
    Your husband did a great job of painting and it looks so terrific.
    Happy Spring

  14. Hello my friend. Love the painted cabinet. It looks great. Yeah Keith! Isn't it amazing what little paint can do. Glad you are back posting. It was fun to see your post today. Have a great Friday and wonderful week end.

  15. So glad to see you again the cabinet!...Keith did a great job...and yes, I am sure you are so loving it as it is so beautiful and fits in with your gorgeous home just the way you had envisioned it...Have a great weekend Susan and so glad you are back and your mom got great news!

  16. Welcome back! The cabinet is gorgeous. Happy spring to you

  17. Hi Susan! We've missed you. Your sweet hubby is a prince to paint an armoire for you. Looks like he did a great job! So happy to hear about your mom's health. xo

  18. Hi Susan,, great news about your mom! This is something to celebrate. The armoire looks great. Keith did a good job.


  19. Hi Susan,
    Yes, you've been missed! I do have to say that I wasn't around for awhile either. :) Such wonderful news about your Mom!! Prayers work and God hears each one.

    The armoire looks beautiful! I think it's great that your husband painted it for you. I really like the chalkboard and the quote.


  20. It looks great! Kudos to the hubby! I would love to see your shop sometime, I bet it's beautiful.

  21. That corner of your living room looks great, Susan! So happy to hear the good report from your mom.
    Mary Alice

  22. The cabinet looks great painted it! Great news about your mom.

  23. God is so good! Such wonderful news about your mom. I love your chalkboard quote. I am going to try & remember that in my own life :-)

  24. Hi Susan, I'm so happy to read that your mom has a new clean bill of health, Praise God!! I do like the paint on your armoire! I have what I lovingly call The Big Black Monster in my LR, I need to paint it, but oh my what a job it will be! So happy you have your Keith to help! Praying all is well with you! Blessings, Cindy

  25. Isn't it funny, just a simple change like that and you have a whole new delightful room! I just bought a new couch and chair in a totally light color whereas my LR is all dark...I am about to change the whole room...I am excited as I haven't had new furniture in 20 years.

  26. Welcome back Susan! I've missed you! The quote is so true, that is exactly what courage is. Not the absence of fear at all as I once thought. Yay for your mom's good report! And yay for husbands who are willing to paint for wives who are not! --Ann

  27. Hi Susan! I do remember you talking about painting your cabinet. It looks really pretty. What a gift for your husband to do that for you! So happy to hear about the good report for your mom's health.

  28. Hi Susan, so nice to see you here again and your painted cabinet is gorgeous. So happy to read your mom has a clear bill of health. Thank God.
    Happy Spring
    Hugs, CM

  29. Hey there Susan! Great news about your mom! The cabinet looks beautiful. Did you notice how easy it was to paint? I hope you see you with a paint brush in the future :)
    Love the sweet pillows. All so pretty!

  30. Sp happy to hear the good news about your mom, Susan! Love the armoire transformation! So nice to see you here!

  31. Your armoire looks great. It really blends well with the rest of the room. I'm so relieved to hear your mom is doing well. You were gone so long, I was a little worried. Glad you are back.


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