Friday, September 21, 2012

More Fun Finds

Hi, everyone!  I'm continuing to show you the fun treasures that I scored last Thursday and Friday in Columbus.  Some of these items came from the Country Living Fair, and some from the other shops that we hit during our shopping bonanza!  So here goes...I've been wanting one of these for awhile.  I've seen them called feed cups, or grain buckets.  I just think they're cool!  I got this one at Heritage Square Antique Mall.
Not sure what these are, but I thought they were SO cute, and fit in with my little bowling pin collection.  I got them from Polly at Georgie Emerson.
This cool bucket was also from Polly's shop.  Love the castors!  I put it beside the fireplace with some old maps in it (also from Polly)-I thought when it gets cooler, it would be a fun way to store some firewood.
This old crate came from Country Living and I love its rustic, imperfect charm!
 I just threw some dried hydrangeas in it, which I also just bought (I need to arrange them better-ha!) and placed the arrangement in the center of my dining room table.
Also from Country Living...this little divided drawer.
...and this old bicycle basket to hold magazines...
This fun little canteen came from the antique mall...
I've hung it over the shoe rack in the hallway.

I thought this rack was really unusual.  I filled it with some other goodies that I got on this shopping trip (old bingo cards, a wooden weight, and lavender from my friend's yard.)

And of course, the word that sums it all up...
Love it! :)   Well, that's most of my finds.  I got a few other things, but these are the ones that I've gotten placed (at least temporarily) in my house, and have gotten pictures of!  Thanks for stopping by and hanging in with me...have a fantastic week!
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  1. GOOD GRIEF!!! (notice all caps) You have found some great stuff!!! LOVE it all!!!

  2. i love your old mop bucket! You most definitely came away with some lovely finds!! I'll have to pay more attention to the times for the Country Living fair because we live in Indiana, just a little over 3 hours away.

  3. Ok Susan I will be over to pick up that cute bike basket I have been looking for one of those for some time!!!!! Great score. I also love the closed Thursday sign. Everything is adorable. You scored some great stuff. Love the JUNK letters too.

  4. Susan,
    Great finds!!!! Your hydrangeas are beautiful too!

  5. what great items...and I love the way you've displayed them all.

  6. you always find the coolest stuff!!! love the bucket on wheel!

  7. Wow, did you score!! I love those feed cups and the way you're displaying them on that fabulous column. I would have gone crazy.

  8. This is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
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  9. Love the mop bucket on wheels! I have one as a planter on my driveway! You found some great stuff/junk. Jean

  10. Wow, Bonnie..You really scored with lot's of beautiful "junk" tresors! Love your style in choosing the greatest objects of "my french" desires! xo Pam

  11. Wow!! Such fun finds -- love that bucket on wheels and such a cute idea putting the old maps in there! Love your style! I'm a new follower :)

  12. Hi Susan: I am now following you also and thanks for signing up at the Cottage. I love your shopping style and am looking forward to checking back on some of your 'junk'..Happy Saturday..Judy

  13. Wow! Love it all, really awesome! I have a mop bucket too, love it!

  14. Hi Susan, nice to meet you.Thanks for your visit and sweet comment.I love meeting new blogging friends and finding new blogs to visit myself.Loving all your goodies and your blog :).Also following your Etsy Shop too~Cheers Kim

  15. I am back Lol..I had a look around and I am so inspired and enjoying your style greatly! ~Cheers Kim

  16. What lovely finds and how much fun you will have finding homes for everything!

  17. Well thank you for finding me and becoming my newest follower. I love finding treasures like that. I have always wanted to go to that Country Living Fair. Lovely finds.
    I have a stack of old farm boards waiting to turn them into treasures.
    I am looking forward to seeing more of your finds.
    Thank you,
    Kim @My Field of Dreams

  18. Those are fun finds, love every one of them!!! I am your newest follower, love your blog!!!

  19. With each picture I am oohing and ahhing. I have wanted to go to the C.L. fair for a few years now. Must do it! Love everything you brought home!

  20. I love visiting and seeing what great stuff you find!

  21. Oh my word!! I love every single thing you bought!!! And those things that look like wood milk bottles that you said go with your bowling pins look like they might be from an old carnival game. Where you stack them and throw a ball at them to knock them down to win a prize. Maybe?

  22. Great stuff....LOVE the canteen!

    My blog is celebrating it's blogiversary and with 5 days of giveaways. Stop by and perhaps you'll be a winner!


  23. You always find the goods...I'm going hunting with you!

  24. I love the rusty bucket! You have some great finds!

  25. I love love love those Boss canisters that are holding lavender! So cute!

  26. how did i miss this post? thanks for the shout-out Susan!! you really scored some great finds when you were in Cbus!! next time you girls are both here, let me know, I would love to go shopping with you!!


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