Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shopping Bonanza

(Thank you to Sunny Simple Life for featuring this post!) This past Thursday and Friday I had so much fun-tons of shopping, eating, and laughing...what could be better?  My friend Suzanne and I have been friends since kindergarten (that's a 40 year friendship!!)  We have an annual tradition: I drive about 2 hours to Columbus (where she lives) on Thursday, and we shop til we drop; then I spend the night, and on Friday we get up early, grab something yummy at Tim Horton's, then head to the Country Living Fair, where we shop even more!  But before I get to our shopping adventures, I want to show you a few pictures that I snapped of Suzanne's house.
 The vintage typewriter was her grandfather's, and the lavender was snipped from her own yard. (I was happy to go home with my own little bunch that she snipped for me!)  This green cabinet is in her office-it's gorgeous and filled with lots of goodies that she's picked up at flea markets and antique stores!

Next to the cabinet is this little vignette. The fantastic bouquet of dried hydrangeas was also grown by her.

This little nook is in her kitchen right behind the sink.  The stand was a housewarming gift from my shop, and it looks perfect here!
Here is a cute and colorful area of her living room. on to the shopping!  We started out at Heritage Square Antique Mall, where we spent a couple of hours gathering up treasures.  Next on our list was Polly's new shop Georgie Emerson, which we rushed to, hoping she'd be open...and we just barely caught her as she was closing up!  She graciously let us back in, and we were so happy that she did!  She has the CUTEST store in the cutest space! (Check out her blog for more info!)
It was filled with fun stuff, and we found a few goodies to take home with us! (I'll show you all of my 'spoils' later!)  Polly is such a sweetheart, and we always enjoy chatting with her!
She told us that we had to check out a shop down the road called CornerSmiths.  Wow, what a fun shop!  It is owned by a mother-daughter team, and they really have an eye for merchandising! (Check out their Facebook Page!)
They had tons of unique items, and we didn't go home empty handed from there, either!  (I sure wish this huge drawer unit was mine-do you remember how I feel about drawers?!)
The next day was Country Living heaven!  It's such a feast for the eyes, with so much inspiration everywhere you look!  This huge cornstalk wreath was so eye-catching!
I loved this whole display, as it was such a stunning palette of black and white!
This was an enormous glass case filled with beautiful creative!
 I was hoping to take many more pictures, but we were so caught up in the shopping frenzy that I didn't take the time...however, I will take pictures of all my finds from these 2 days, and share them with you soon!  Hope you all have a wonderful week!
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  1. Sounds like you both had a jam packed fun filled day shopping. I bet the Country Living Fair was spectacular! I can't wait to see all the goodies you picked up. :)

  2. Susan what a great week end with your friend. I can't wait to see your found new treasures. I went to Junk Bonanza with a long time girlfriend this past week end too and we had a great time. I love those girlfriend trips!!! Eating, shopping and Junk treasures what else could a girl want!!!!

  3. Oh goodness we were at the CL Fair at the same time. I might ahve seen you as I saw a couple of faces that looked so similar. I live in Granville just a hop and a skip from Columbus. Does your friend have a blog.
    Sometime when you come back this way I would love to show you a couple of places near where I live. One is another adventure of Polly's and her partner in junk Keeley. They showcase their wares in Keeley's family's chocolate shop in Granville. Yes, junk and chocolate.....mmmmmm.
    I posted some pictures of Friday already . I will post more from the fair yesterday later. I decided not to go today. So much fun and you don't have to spend money to have fun. If you can believe it, yesterday it was sooooo crowded. And it was almost as hot as Friday. (Even after the cool down).
    Your friend has a beautiful home.
    I have to check out the place that Polly suggested. Was it in the antique mall or down Brice?

  4. Susan,
    It is always fun spending time with girlfriends! Especially shopping! She has a beautiful home too! So what did you two find?

  5. Thanks for sharing! Love the wreath. We went to the CL fair in Austin & then the Junk Salvation show the same day. What fun!

  6. Looks like you had an amazing shopping trip!

  7. Sooooo glad you girls drove by when you did!! I always enjoy bumping into you two!! Tell Suzanne I just love her home vignettes....that green cabinet is awesome! We went to CL today and had so much fun.....I bought so many cute things!

  8. CL fair looks like a fabulous venue, how fun to share it with your close friend!!

  9. Oh my great old typewriters, gates, crib springs, and more. Very fun post.

  10. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I love that old typewriter. Thanks for sharing with the party.

  11. So very nice to meet you! I was delighted to find your comment on my little site tonight. It is going to be such fun getting to know you and enjoying your wonderful site. I can tell we are going to be great friends.
    This is a gorgeous home and one that feels warm and friendly to all.
    Spending time like this with old friends doesn't get any better. I too have friends I have known for almost sixty years and we keep in touch often.
    Thank you for finding me and taking the time to say hello

  12. Those Friendships that have stood the Test of Time are indeed Priceless... so much History Shared! At my Season of Life I realize that even if I met the most wonderful new Friends now it would be doubtful we'd Enjoy the length of Time being Friends that my old Lifelong Friends and I have Shared over so many decades. How wonderful that you and your Lifelong Friend still are able to spend such quality time together doing the things you both Love! And what a Lovely Home she has!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. How fun!!Your friend has such a pretty home. Can't wait to see your finds!

  14. So much fabulous eye candy in this post, Susan! And to be able to share it all with a friend. What a fun tradition! Looking forward to seeing what you brought home.
    Mary Alice

  15. Wow, so many gorgeous things! You must have had so much fun!!!

  16. Too much here to ever pick a favorite but that typewriter is what drew me in :)

  17. I would love to go to a Country Living fair. Fabulous treasures! Love the white drawer unit and the corn stalk wreath, too!

  18. The Country Living Fair would be so great--looks like tons of creative inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing!

  19. The Country Living Fair was the best! Such great eye candy. Looking forward to seeing what you found there! Jean

  20. There's nothing like a road trip with old friends. The thrill of the find is wonderful. Great post.

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  22. Seems like ya'll had a good time! Thanks for "taking" us along with you thought your pics!

  23. I bet you did have a wonderful time with your childhood friend. Thanks so much for giving us a tour of her charming home. I loved that typewriter she had! Looks like you found some great things for sale. Can't wait to see what you bought!

  24. I loved seeing your great photos. You did find some awesome things. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from the Newbie party. :)

  25. How fun! I'm ready for some great shopping! Your friends house is lovely too. And if you have been friends since kindergarten and you've been friends for 40 years that means you are 45. There is just NO WAY you look anything like you are a day over 30! You could pass for 25 even! Took me awhile to pick my jaw up off the floor when I did the math. Seriously. Not even fair!!! LOL!

  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) that typewriter is gorgeous! I've been looking for something similar for my upcoming wedding...hope I can find one as nice as that!!


  27. Lovely to meet you, and what a fun shopping day you must have had. That's an amazing cupboard I totally agree. I'm kind of into drawers also, lol.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  28. There is nothing more fun than spending the day with a friend - junking and playing! Suzanne's vignettes are so pretty.
    Following you too, now.

  29. Oh wow! I don't even know where to begin. I'd go crazy with all the vintage eye candy and I think that big drawer unit would have to be mine.

  30. Oh wow, what fun and gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing on Shabbilicious Friday.

  31. I love all the photos of the displays ~ Great tour, thanks!

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