Friday, September 14, 2012

Recap of Guest Post at City Farmhouse

 Today I was at the Country Living Fair in Columbus (more on that when I get back!)  But I thought in case you missed it, I'd recap my feature by Jen at the wonderful City Farmhouse last week.  Here it is!
I'm so honored that Jen has asked me to guest post for her fantastic readers!   My name is Susan and I started my blog about 4 months ago.  It has been a thrilling ride!
A little about myself...I've been married to the funnest man ever (is that a word?) for 13 1/2 years, and we've lived in our 1929 Colonial home in Ohio for 7 years.  It's just us and our 2 fur babies (aka kitties.)  My mom and I own a little recycled home goods shop called 'Home Sweet Home'.
 I am a passionate collector of  'junk' (good junk, I call it) and I absolutely love decorating and changing my home around often.  I guess my style is a mix of vintage, rustic, farmhouse, and industrial, with a touch of whimsy thrown in!  Here are a few pictures of my home...this is a little vignette in our front hall/entryway.  As you can tell, I'm crazy about typography!  Anything with numbers and/or letters, has me hooked.
I've gone a little more industrial in our office space.  The bookshelves are such a great area to display my collections, and they're fun to change around!
I started collecting vintage suitcases a few years ago, and this stack in our front hallway seems to be a favorite with my readers!
Our dining room is a marriage of farmhouse and rustic styles.  It combines natural wood, my favorite color-green, and some black and white for drama.
I'm mostly drawn to a neutral palette, and sometimes I like to add a little green and/or red as an accent, as I've done in our living room.
 This is our tiny kitchen.  Although it's small, I've tried to give it a BIG personality !
 That's just a sampling of my style.  (There are many more pics on my older blog posts.) I'd love to hear from you!  Thanks for joining me, and many thanks to Jen for featuring me!


  1. I love your treasures! The stack of suitcases is to die for.

  2. Very cool look overall. I'm a fan of the table thing.


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