Monday, March 4, 2013

More Office Tweaking

Hope you all had a great weekend!  In my last post I showed you the built-in bookcases on one side of our office, and how I've styled (and restyled) them.  Now I'm showing you the other side of the room.

 Again, I just gathered together some of my favorite 'quirky' items and played around with different ways to display them.

The little silver teapot came from the 'surprise' flea market in Tucson. I love the intricate detail and monogram, plus it was such a fantastic bargain I couldn't pass it up! I added a couple of flowers made out of old patterns to it.

I scored this old chippy scale at the local flea market a couple of years ago-love the patina!  It's SO heavy, and one of my favorite finds.

This small silver creamer is another unbelievable bargain that I got in Arizona! It came from a fun shop in Phoenix, and I just added some paper ephemera to jazz it up a little.

I love the look of old battery jars. I had never come across one before, so I was excited when I found this at a local antique store.  I filled it with little vintage books and a faux birds nest.

This rustic wooden 'box' holds some paperwork and office supplies. I tried to add at least a little practicality!

I kept the top shelves the same with several clear magazine holders (which are organizing just a fraction of my magazines!) and my collection of locker baskets going the whole way across.

The last bookcase is filled with...BOOKS!  Imagine that! :)  I'm definitely a decor book (and magazine) addict so this gives me easy access when I want to browse for some inspiration!

Here is a view of the whole wall and the doorway into the front hall.

There you have it! You've now seen all the newly styled office bookcases.  Like I said before, they may not stay that way for long because I'm constantly tweaking them but for now this room is good to go!

Thanks so much for stopping, and have a wonderful day!
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  1. I just love what you've done in your office, Susan!! Right away my eye went to the scale and that adorable silver teapot. I wish you lived down the street! Of course you'd probably be sick of me knocking on your door all the time. :-))
    Mary Alice

  2. That is a good looking wall. I love the old scale you found and all those great locker baskets! You've got a great collection of decorating books too.

  3. I think I've said this a dozen times...I want to shop in your home. That scale is such a fun piece and I'm also loving that small door that's sitting on your table. The locker baskets are fabulous!

  4. Susan,
    I love the book shelf and that scale is to die for. I love that piece I can see how it is a favorite. I like the whimsy you always add to the decor. I am so jealous of that decor book shelf and all the books!!!!! Wow that is amazing. I could spend weeks in this room just with all the books to look through. Great job as always. Love it.

  5. The shelves look great, you've got such an eye for composition! And I love your scrabble word, I think i'll borrow that idea. :)
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  6. Lovely. Love the scale. Love it all. So excited for each post.

  7. Great vintage styling!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  8. It looks so very, very nice. I love the way you have pulled it all together- xo Diana

  9. I must say that I do love your style of decorating. If I ever turn away from "country", I'll know where to come for inspiration. Love that baby rattle.

  10. It looks great Susan! Beautiful book shelves and all styled so beautifully! I LOVE that chippy old scale!

  11. Looks wonderful! have such an amazing collection and you always display them so beautifully!...Love the teapot!

  12. All lovely. I love your neutral walls so much! I liked your red too but you know me and my love of white!

  13. I love your bookcases and how you display your collections. What do you do with the rest of your magazines? I have a huge collection stashed in closets, boxes, under furniture, etc. I should cull it ruthlessly, but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it.


  14. Love the bookcases! Your trinkets and things are to die for adorable. :)

  15. Looks great!! I wish I could shop at your house...we like the same stuff :)

  16. I love the old scale. Growing up my parents owned a bakery and my dad had a scale just like this in the shop. Heavy too just like the one you have. I wished I'd saved it but too late now. Maybe I'll find one like you did one day. Thanks for sharing.

  17. looks wonderful, as always!!!

    be blessed

  18. Such fabulous treasure and they are displayed so beautifully. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  19. Enjoyed seeing more of your neat treasures - thanks for sharing them with us. I did a major clean out of magazines/books a while back. Thanks for stopping by and nice comment.
    Have a great week.

  20. I love the old world charm of this room. Really nice work.

  21. That wall of books and little vignettes. I love how everything has a brownish tone. Don't ever invite me over because that scale might just be found missing when I left.

  22. great display and i LOVE the wire bins. i bought a bunch and use them at work to keep my client files that i am currently working on in with samples, fabrics, etc. it's kinda nice to be able to see what's in them too, makes it easier to grab what i need.
    thanks for hangin out today and following, i'm happily following back :)

  23. You always have the best displays - and I'd love all those shelves to show off more of my collections! Love the bins!

  24. we have so much in common. I'm glad I got your email so I could follow you back!!!!


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