Thursday, February 28, 2013

Office Shelves

Hi, everyone!  I took a little break from showing you our newly decorated office, but I'm back to that.  I have styled and restyled these 3 built-in bookshelves no less than 3,482 times since we painted back in December!  If you don't believe me, just ask Keith.  So I'll go ahead and show you how they look now, with no promises that they'll stay this way for long...fair enough?  (To see some before pics of our office, go here.)

I gathered together items that would work as storage containers to hold papers, office essentials, etc. that would also be pretty to look at!

Some baskets, old suitcases, and a wooden tote do the trick!

This is one of the most unusual things I've ever found (and if you know me at all, you know how I love whimsical goods!)  It's a lumber sampler-each piece of wood is numbered and labeled with what kind of wood it is!

I also restyled the sewing machine table beside my chair.

Here's a closer look at that...

 These shelves are on the other side, by our desk/computer (which I'm still not showing you because it's still messy! Plus I'm trying to find a way to cover the millions of cords...anyone else have that problem?)

I got this crate at the Sweet Salvage sale in Phoenix last month (which you can read about here.)  I was drawn to its' chippy patina.  It actually fit into an empty suitcase that we brought!

I LOVE this old number sign that I found at a little local antique shop.  I was told that it came from a train or train station or something like that.  Wherever it came from, I think it's tres cool!!

Here's a better view of both bookcases.

I'll wait and show you the 2 other shelves next time (1 restyled, the other filled with actual books! Imagine that! :)
Have a fantastic day!
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  1. Hello Susan,
    I am loving your shelves. I went shopping as I looked at the pictures. I see a few things on your shelves I need!!!!! I love that wire mail holder and those chunky candle sticks love those. I love that wood number thingy (technical term I'm sure) too. That is a cool piece. You are so lucky I do not live close by I would have to come for a visit and bring my big purse to bring home a few things!!!!! It looks amazing as always. Love it all.

  2. I am in love with the way you styled your bookshelves. You find the GREATEST stuff!! Had to pin your shelves with all that inspiration!! Had to laugh about the number of times you've made changes. I can hardly walk into a room without changing something. Or if I'm talking to my husband, I'm looking over his shoulder thinking something isn't quite right on the shelf behind him. :-)
    Mary Alice

  3. Love it. Love the burlap for a curtain. I have been wanting to do just that. Have a great day!

  4. Looks great! It looks orderly but creative at the same time. :)

  5. Looks great - so many neat treasures to work with.

  6. Gorgeous room . . . everything is perfection. The one thing that topped it off to exceptional, was how you used that old coffee bean bag for your curtain. That is an incredibly creative idea. Bravo!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. you find such neat stuff Susan! I would never think to buy that old wood sample kit thingy, but I love it!!

  8. Very interesting finds, as always!
    Looks great.

  9. I love the whole color scheme from a distance, as well as what you used for a curtain - too creative!


  10. You nailed it! Your shelves are gorgeous! I like everything about your space! Great work lady!

  11. Your restyled shelves are just beautiful! Love all your treasures. The crate is my favorite piece. But then again, the combination of all the different objects is what makes the arrangement so lovely.
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Pieced Pastimes

  12. love the numbers about that awesome burlap curtain! the shelves look great, the numbered blocks of wood are neat addition:) happy weekend!

  13. Love the vintage pieces and wood tones on the white background. The numbered wood samples are very unique.

  14. Beautiful! What fun to have all those shelves to style - and restyle - to your hearts content :)

  15. I love everything, you truly are one of the best at vignettes and creativity! Your shelves look great!!!!

  16. You have such a fantastic collection and you always display those so beautifully!...I love that lumber unique!!

  17. I love the basket of baseballs, especially if one collects them.

  18. such a creative window treatment!! great job on the styling.

  19. Such a collection of lovely, individual items!! I love it! J9 x

  20. Your treasures are always such a treat no matter how you arrange them. I noticed the unusual wood and numbers display right away, what an interesting piece. Love the burlap sack window covering.

  21. Gosh, there are so many things to love! I love the wire baskets you used and the number sign above your window. The old crate you found is wonderful too. There is always something interesting to see at your place!

  22. I love your shelf. It makes me want to paint the red shelf in our entry way white so things will stand out more. Love the mail basket ... wait, I love just about everything on the shelf.

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  24. Nice and interesting arrangements on your shelves!

  25. I love the way this looks Susan and I LOVE that chippy scale!

  26. Susan, I love the new restyle! It's so fun when storage is out of the norm. My hubby would be all Lady Ga-Ga over your collection of vintage baseballs. I'm laughing right now thinking of my hubby looking like Lady Ga-Ga! That number piece is so unusual. I love it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  27. Hi, Susan

    I just love your office space. It's so lovely and I have been catching up on your other posts as well. My my I missed out on a lot. I so enjoyed catching up and I have not forgot about sending you the info for those lovely shops here in Florida. If you know you are coming to Fl soon, email me and I will shoot you all those stores. I am starting a new business and have been crazy busy. : ) Have a great week.


  28. Everything in that space is fabulous and priceless. No wonder you can work effectively in that space.

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