Monday, February 18, 2013

The Mantel Saga Continues...

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If you remember, I wasn't lovin' the picture above my mantel, here.  I knew the look that I wanted, and it would take something rustic on this wall, like an old barn door or chippy sign.  But until I score one of those, I came up with an alternative that I'm happy with.  I rummaged around in my basement and found this...buh-bye, ugly picture!

This is a pretty large old sifter, and it's working for me!  I like the rustic contrast between the wood and the more formal-feeling silver pieces.  I moved the little green wreath from its previous spot on the mantel and hung it on the sifter to keep it from looking too stark and bare.  Then I rearranged the silver that was already there, added a little antler, and replaced the books with these numbered metal boxes that I purchased at Pottery Barn awhile ago.

I got this little metal hunting sign the other day at a local antique shop-I thought it was so cute!  The owner said that they used to be sold in multiples and people would nail them to their trees on their property.  Well, this one ended up hung over my fireplace!

Overall, I'm much more pleased with the new (again!) look of my mantel.  Sometimes it just takes a little playing around (and in my case, shopping my basement!) to get the look that you want.  I think I'm done tweaking this...for a little while, at least.  ;)

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  1. The greenery really makes the look! Very nice, Jean

  2. The screed is PERFECT!!! It's giving me seller's remorse for selling something similar.
    Mary Alice

  3. I love the look of the loving cups/trophies, susan! The greenery makes for a nice simple touch, too.

  4. That sifter is such a cool piece! Your mantel looks lovely!

  5. I like the new look of your mantel. It is much more rustic and industrial than the other display. I can see why you feel better about this set-up. Love the greenery mixed with the trophies.

  6. Bravo to you for shopping your basement and using what you had! Isn't that the best feeling?!!?! And it looks fantastic!!

  7. I like what you did.. Love the screen. I did alot of little tweeking this weekend too. It is always fun to play around with things I have.. Hope you have a great week!

  8. Hi Susan,
    I love this. I love the greenery with the wood and industrial. I think I need to shop your basement. What time can I come over??!! I love that screen too. It is such a great visual piece. Love this.

  9. Susan- It looks really great. I am shopping my house to spruce things up here, too. Aren't you glad you can do that? Have a great week and remember-NO HUNTING in the house unless it is for hidden treasures! xo Diana

  10. That sifter is so beautifully and creatively set the stage for a fabulous mantel it!!

  11. it looks great...wish I had a mantle. lol

  12. Must love your mantel - the silver and the galvanized tins work so well together.

  13. Sweet! Love those galvanized boxes!!! You've done a great job on your mantel!

  14. Great color pallette. Simple, and soothing.

  15. I love it! That hunting sign made me hunting for treasures in your home, your stuff is there to stay!!

  16. It's a WINNER!! LOVE the LOOK! The greenery adds a nice touch~~~In this case...hunt all ya want! Have a wonderful and blessed week! Roxie

  17. such a neat piece! I love the new look! very interesting to the eye

  18. Love the look. Great minds think alike. I have those same metal number boxes I bought last month through Sav-On Crafts.

  19. I LOVE your sifter hung above your mantel. I passed up a smaller one a few months ago, and now I'm sorry. They are such a nice contrast on a white wall.

  20. Love it, especially with those lovely trophys and urns!

  21. This is one charming look...LOVE those neat trophies.


  22. Trophies for the mantel looks fun.
    I love the era it brings.

    ♥ Tarin

  23. Love it above the mantel. Good choice!

  24. What a wonderful find that sifter was, it looks amazing above your mantel. The trophies, metal boxes, sign, all of it looks great. Love your style!

  25. I need that sign to hang on my front door. People are always talking me out of stuff that I have in my house!
    Mantles are tough...except at Christmas. Mine is still a work in progress too.
    I wanted to tell you I've been doing some reading here and I loved your post on how you came to marry your darling man. Six of my favorite words are "and they lived happily ever after."

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  27. Love those little trophies! I am a new follower, I found you on "Common Ground Be Inspired Friday". ~~ Becky @ Vintage 541

  28. Love, love, love that sifter - it looks perfect with your trophies!

  29. I love how you displayed your trophies on your mantel. I'll be featuring your inspiring post on Simple & Sweet Fridays.



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