Monday, February 4, 2013

And The Trophy Goes To...

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I'm showing you another one of my favorite finds from my recent vacation to Arizona.  You can see the first treasure that I showed you here.
My mom, my sister, and I were driving somewhere when we passed a sign that advertised an 'Antique Fair' that was taking place the following day not far from where we were staying.  This event is only one Sunday a month, and it happened to be when we were there!  (Love when that happens!) It was held outside at a large park, and was actually more of a small flea market than an 'antique fair', but they had some really fun stuff!  It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time!  (I'm so flea market deprived this time of year!)

I spotted this trophy cup and my heart started racing-I've been wanting a larger cup like this, but they're usually way out of my budget!  I began quickly walking towards it when 2 girls cut me off and beat me to it.  Darn!!  They picked it up and were looking at it as I held my breath and prayed that they'd put it down.  I whispered to my mom and sis that I REALLY wanted that trophy, and that we needed to hang out at that booth and play it cool.  The girls barely put it down and took a couple of steps when my sister charged over and grabbed it up for me.  Score!!  (The girls were looking back and talking so I don't know if they were still considering it or not, but in my book, you snooze you lose!  Hey, this is flea market war! ;)

I was thrilled when I got a closer look at how unusual it is!   It's such an aged/tarnished bronze that at first I thought it was silver.  The dealer told me that it's a boxing trophy and he told me the language engraved on it but I forget-maybe Hebrew?  And as a bonus, it was even a reasonable price! (Of course I negotiated it down a little more, with my wiley charm-ha!) I'm so happy with my treasure!  I redid the top of the table in the office to make a place for it.

I placed a little pot of lavender inside the trophy, and displayed it on top of an old chippy box.  I also added my cow tag that I just bought here.

I then added this fun wooden bowl full of old fishing licenses.  These little guys are some of my most unique finds!

I've had this tarnished silver cup forever, but just added a dried hydrangea to it.

You may remember the topiary in the bucket from here.  I moved the candelabra from this table in the office to the bookshelf in the hallway, so I moved the topiary from the sewing table in the office to this table and now it makes this vignette complete!  So then I had to redo the sewing table, but I'll show you that later.  (Did you follow all that? :)

It's funny-you bring in one new little piece, and look what happens-a total redo!

There's still more fun Arizona finds to come...until next time, have a fabulous day!
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  1. Wonderful find , love the way you put everything together !
    Vintage sweetness !!

  2. FABULOUS trophy, Susan!! Never seen one like that. And I must say, the table it's sitting on...still one of my favorites. I have a thing for charming old tables.
    Mary Alice

  3. Awesome find Susan, I love the tarnished bronze finish it has!! Love the whole vignette!!

  4. I love the story of how you scored this trophy! Your sister is FAST! lol!! And yes I agree...all is fair when treasure hunting if you snooze, you lose.

    You're so right -- one treasure brought into the fold and an amazing restyle has to take place -- it keeps things fresh too doesn't it? Love what you did with this!

  5. TOO funny!!! SO glad you one that trophy! It was meant to be!!! Ok those fishing licenses are fantastic! I had no idea they even made them like that! Super cool! Have a great week...what finds!!!!

  6. Never seen anything similar to those fishing licenses! I looks perfect!

  7. Hi Susan,
    What a great score on that trophy and the story with it. It will make it even more of a treasure since you had to play it cool and then grab it!!! All is fair game when you put something down!!!! Love that Haute Couture door too. Oh la la love that piece and how you have everything in your vignette.

  8. You cracked me up with your story about grabbing that trophy! I can just picture you doing that. It is very unique. I've never seen one like it. Sounds like you had a successful day shopping.

  9. I sometimes do that at Goodwill. Wait for someone to put it down. Or follow them around to see if they actually buy it.. Love the trophy.. On the lookout for one now. Seeing them everywhere. Have a great week!

  10. serious love!! i've been trumped by someone quicker than me so many times, it sucks! glad you got it!! it mas meant to be!!

  11. What a score Susan and I love how you brought everything together!

    Can't wait to see what else you scored!:)


  12. Your blog is great! I like how it all looks! I´m glad you got to buy that piece in the end! :)

    Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!


  13. Very cool trophy cup! That is something I'd like to have more of too - I have one. And I think that writing does look rather hebrew-ish!

  14. I'm cracking up at the stakeout! You have to, though!
    I have never seen old fishing licenses like that- very cool.
    How old are they? Love the vignette.

  15. What an eye! Love the trophy cup as well as the other little tidbits you have displayed with it. You always inspire!

  16. Good job keeping your cool and knowing when to pounce. We certainly discover how much we want something as soon as someone else gets even close to it. Love that you snagged it. Those little tags in the wood bowl are a fabulous find too!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  17. And the trophy goes to Susan! :-)

  18.'s so hard to keep your cool when someone else is handling YOUR stuff! Good on ya for remaining calm. Love the trophy and those fishing licenses are killer!

  19. What a lovely find, I love the patina! Great vignette I love the box underneath.


  20. I love it! You were definitely in the right place at the right time. Once it leaves your hands, it's fair game! Those old fishing licenses are something you'll probably never see again. Beautiful vignette.

  21. Oh, I'm swooning over that trophy. A large vintage trophy is definitely on my mental bucket list of thrifting finds. Someday, maybe! :)

  22. Lots of great finds, Susan! The cow tag and fishing licenses are things I've never seen before. Very cool!

  23. We all KNOW that if you are considering something at a flea market, you hold it until you decide FOR SURE!!! HMMMPFFFF! ROOKIES!!! LOL!!! ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND FLEA MARKETS!!! the trophy and arrangement are great!

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  25. I love the trophy - those handles are amazing, and the patina is incredible

  26. Susan, love the trophy! It really is unique. I notice the #85 right off the bat. Must admit I had one second, only one split second of jealousy. lol! My hubby is an avid fly fisherman. He has probably had tons of old liscences. Never thought of saving them. I think he did save his first. Kind of like his first love.

  27. She shoots... she scores!!!! I can just see you hunkered down off to the side discussing strategy and holding a prayer meeting that the trophy would become your! And we all need a sister like yours... fast on her feet! Great adventure with a fabulous outcome!

  28. Great find Susan! That trophy fits right in with your decor. Glad to hear you had a wonderful trip to Arizona.

  29. I've had that same hunter instinct, LOL! The trophy is a really nice one, I love the vignette that you've put together. Great score!

  30. The trophy is a real find. I look for them when I am out fleaing, but rarely find them. I think the style is called a loving cup. Your vignette is perfect.

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