Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Show and Tell: My Arizona Finds

Ok, I've kept you waiting long enough... I'm finally gonna show you the goodies that I brought back from my vacation in Arizona!
(To see the shops we visited go here and here.)

Like many of you pointed out, ideally I would've had a huge truck to haul back all of the fantastic finds that I WISH I could have bought.  However, I was limited to the space of 1 empty suitcase. That sure cramped my style a little!

I tried to be really selective this year.  I have a basement jam packed with so many goods that you can barely walk down there. NOT even exaggerating!  That's one of my goals for 2014, to clean out my 'hoarders paradise'. So with that in mind, I didn't bring back a ton, but what I did buy I really love.

Here we go...
I haven't jumped on the 'owl' bandwagon, but this little guy struck me as especially cute.

He's actually a ceramic salt shaker, but I figured if I put him high enough on a shelf, you wouldn't notice. (Well, YOU might, but I won't since I'm a shorty! ;)

I really have a thing for clock faces lately.

I thought that these were a fun size.  They'll probably end up hung on a wall, but who knows?

Not to discriminate against the small,  I bought these tiny faces too.

I also got the flower frog.  I have quite a collection already, but I like this unusual shape.
(Sorry for the blurry pic)

I have a soft spot for anything wire, and also for cloches so this grabbed my attention at the Sweet Salvage sale right away!

This baby is super tall, so it makes it different enough from the ones that I own to justify buying it.
(See how I do that? Works for me!)
Luckily it fit into the suitcase-barely-so I didn't have to carry it through the airport!

I'm still playing around with where to put it.

This little cutie won my heart the second that I spotted him! (Also at Sweet Salvage.)

Adorable farm animal?  Check.  White?  Check.  Heck of a bargain?  Check. Sold!
For now he's on a little table in our entryway.

I was really excited to find this small, unusual tray!  I was immediately drawn to the faded vintage fabric under glass, and the dark wicker 'rim'.

I paired it with a tiny wicker bottle that I found at a different shop.  I have a couple of other small wicker bottles, but I've never seen one this shape this small.

I think that it's a match made in heaven, don't you?

I added 2 more Dundee Marmalade jars to my growing collection.  I really prefer the older style (on the right) but the other one was such a deal, I couldn't pass it up!  These seem to be getting more and more expensive.

I'm not sure what this is, but I thought it was fun and funky.  And you know I love me some numbers!

This little enamel sign is a quirky find, too.  Not sure yet if I'm keeping it or listing it in my Etsy shop.

I couldn't leave Arizona without at least one number 3 (my favorite) and this little metal tag fit the bill.
I'd never seen any magnets with hooks like these before, so I bought 3.  I love the industrial mixed with a bit of bling!

This is how the store had them displayed. (I'm sorry, I didn't get the name of this store in Phoenix.)

Such a cute idea!  There are so many possibilities for these magnets!

And last but not least, I picked up these fun paint-spattered brushes.

Not sure what I'm gonna do with them yet, but I have some ideas.

So there you have it!  Like I said, it was so hard not to buy a million fabulous items that I saw, but I'm happy with the limited number of treasures that I chose to bring home with me.

I sure hope that you enjoyed my 'show and tell'!

Have a fantastic day!  (Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day :)


  1. What fabulous finds Susan! I too, collect flower frogs and the one you found is different! Those tiny clock faces are tooo sweet with the flower frog. The blingy magnet hooks would have grabbed me as well....and the wire cloche! You did good!! Love everything you brought home~~~I'm so happy you had a wonderful trip! Hubby and I could use one! Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. Oh my the cow is adorable!! I love clock faces too. What fun finds.

  3. You found some marvelous old things to add to your collections, Susan. I love the ceramic cow. Sooo cute!

  4. Fun finds! I like the tray a lot - I can see a bunch of wisk brooms laying on it. :) Your lavender looks great in the cage with the clock. Those little magnets look sort of like a cross between a button and a curtain hook - yes, a great idea, however it's made. And you could put some cute little flowers of wire & buttons in the owl's head's holes for a spring/summer 'do, lol. He's really cute!

    1. ps - I'll help you clean your basement if you'll help me clean mine, lol. We could both come up with entirely new stock for our stores/booths!

  5. You found some great items, Susan! It's hard to buy things that will just fit in your suitcase {and stick to that!}, but you did great.

  6. LOVE it all, Susan! That wire cloche is amazing. Next time, can you pack me in your suitcase & bring me along? I'd be happy to help out. :)

  7. Such neat finds. That wicker tray is the winner in my book. :)

    After seeing several people post about Sweet Salvage, I might have to drive up there from Texas for a visit. Looks like it would be worth it.

  8. What a good haul! Hope you were flying Southwest and didn't have to pay extra baggage -- either that or you packed almost zero clothes! That's a lot to bring back. And they're all lovely. Don't see clock faces around here much -- or at least I haven't. And those magnets are the best!

  9. This is a great haul and I would be hard put to even pick a favorite. Great finds and thank you for sharing!

  10. Fabulous, fabulous treasures!! You choose things that I would pick out too. If you're like me, it must excruciatingly difficult to limit your shopping because of space. :-))
    Mary Alice

  11. Such fun, great finds! My favorite is the white cow! I loooove it! I also adore the little mini demi jon. That is adorable!

  12. wonderful treasures! especially love the little cow ~
    looks like you did really good!

  13. You certainly know how to pack because you sure fit a load of awesome treasures in your suitcase. Love everything you bought, especially the cloche and those sweet ceramic whites. Hmm, I just might have to borrow your idea of displaying those watch faces in the flower frog.

  14. Fantastic finds! The flower frog had me at hello, along with the cow!

  15. I am so in love with the wire cloche, absolutely gorgeous. Now what would of been fun to see was you packing, re-packing and carefully placing all your found treasures into that one suitcase. Must of been like doing a zig saw puzzle. Oh and I love clock faces and numbers too. 9 is our number.

  16. Ok, I love that cloche and need one, pronto! I pinned it to my "Cloches" board on Pinterest. Never thought of placing them on a stool, I am so copying that idea once we move to our new house. I'm a flower frog junkie, too. I think you did great, and am impressed that you managed to fit in all in one suitcase:)

  17. What a wonderful haul you brought home, I love the magnet hooks I've never seen those before. Looks like heaven to shop there!

  18. The good thing about everything you found is they will fit your home perfectly and if they end up replacing something else in your home, you can always sell it in your own shop! I'm sure things get rotated a lot in your home.

  19. The tall funky wire cloche is the bomb diggity. Love all your bits.

  20. I love your style so much. I must love junk! I know what it's like to pick only things that will fit in your suitcase, you did some good pickin' ! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  21. Wow you got some really wonderful items!! I'm in love with them all...especially the flower frog and wire cloche!!

  22. Love all the pictures and all the great ideas of use!

  23. Oh how I love your thrift finds..... Arizona was good to you!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day :)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  24. Great finds!! Love the wire cloche!!!

  25. Well, you certainly found some great things to bring back home!...An empty suitcase is always a good thing!...Love it all from the wire cloche to the great clock faces, to the marmalade jars!...

  26. Susan,
    You found some great treasures. Love that white cow. He is fabulous. Love all the unique clock faces you found too. Besides fabulous weather you really had fun at some fabulous shops. Love all the treasures you found.

  27. Susan, you find the MOST COOL stuff! I'm on the lookout for a Dundee Marmalade jar...

  28. Lots of great finds! Glad you had warmer temps and fun shopping.


  29. With the best of intentions, please note:
    Your items complemented each other (they look well together)
    They didn't "compliment" each other - they don't pay each other compliments!

  30. I love everything! I WANT that wire cloche! And the clock faces - I've had a hard time finding those - and I want a flower frog that shaped like that - another friend of mine got one like that.
    And you know what I REALLY want?! i want to be invited to come shop your basement! LOL!

  31. Oh there you go again! I'm a tally...and I would be able to stare down you cute owl shaker! Yep, his size doesn't intimidate me at all! Oh and I love your floral frog, been looking for some for a while I guess you got there before I did again. You know,,, your lucky I don't live close, why you might ask? Well if I was to stop over i might just accidentally push you, gentle like, but enough you just might fall on one of those floral frogs! Boy wouldn't that be a sight! then you'd be walking around with floral frog holes all over your rear end! Guess you couldn't go thrifting then, and oh yeah no more posts about you great finds for a while. Just saying! Nothing to worry about cause I don't live close, do I?

  32. So many nice treasures you found Susan. That must have been a mighty big suitcase you had. My favorites are the Marmalade jars, the cow and the clock faces. Looks like you had a fun time!

  33. That must have been the suitcase with the most exciting content in the plane, Susan. You found such great treasures. I'm so in love with the unusual flower frog and the wire cloche. The magnet hooks are wonderful too and I would as well have bought the thing with the rotating numbers. Have fun with your new toys :)!

  34. Fantastic finds, but then you take the ordinary and turn it into fantastic.

  35. Great finds!! That number thingy is really cool...I would have bought that too :)

  36. Susan, WOW so jealous. these are spectacular finds. That cloche is fantastic. I love my cloches. The flower frogs are just great and the small clock faces adorable!! Great haul for just a suitcase, you did great girl!!


  37. Oh how fun! I just cannot wait until I can get myself over to Sweet Salvage. Not sure if I can make it next week but if not I will definitely have it on my calendar for March :) Love all of your finds!

  38. OH you did find the goodies, Susan...I love everything...pure eye candy!

  39. What fantastic finds! Love the Dundee Marmalade jars most!!

  40. Love your finds Susan. Especially that funky junk numbered thingy. lol! The wire cloche is fabulous also! I have been wanting some clock faces. None to be found here. I bought one new one at Hobby Lobby. Are they just pieces of broken clocks?

  41. Oh, such cool finds and you have them displayed so beautifully already!
    Love those gorgeous magnet hooks, and cloches.


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