Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Jen from Apple and Orchard

Hi, everyone!   Kris from Junk Chic Cottage and I wanted to do a regular feature on our blogs, something unique that hasn't been done before.   So we came up with an idea to 'spotlight the real life behind the blogger' in a more personal way.
There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland, and we thought it would be fun to bring you a closer look at the person behind the blog.

Every week on Saturday we will spotlight a blogger and have them tell us a little bit about themselves and their blogs.  You will be able to see and read about each of the bloggers on both Kris's and my blog. 


I'm so happy to introduce you to a sweet blogger today, Jen from Apple and Orchard.  Jen blogs about everything from family to art to personal topics, and I love how she keeps it real!  She's so open and honest about her experiences and very encouraging and inspiring, too!
Please enjoy getting to know Jen better.

I was completely humbled when Susan asked me to be a part of her Saturday Spotlight series. You are all so very talented and inspiring. Truly, you are.

Hi, I'm Jen. I started my blog just last year, August 2013, as a way for me to share my passions: my children, sewing, art, cooking, writing, living. Yes, you read it correctly, (hehehe) living. I have struggled with depression for decades, so bad to the point, life just seemed, well, heavy, dark...there were days darker than the dead of night. You can read more about it here.

Even though I write about some controversial subjects ( i.e. depression, religion, ethnicity, you can read that post here) I keep my blog and life very positive and dive, deeply into my sea of sewing, art, food, garden and most importantly, my children. They are truly the inspiration for Apple and Orchard.

So, what does Apple and Orchard mean, you might ask? So glad you did! I tell the story to my girls about a girl named Blossom who lives on an apple orchard farm with her mother, Darla, (my alter ego) and her father, who built the house they live in. Blossom has a dog named Apple and a cat name Orchard, naturally. ;) We immerse ourselves into these stories. We get excited. We do. It's kinda funny. Blossom goes on fairy adventures in the woods. Her mother makes apple EVERYTHING....candles, lip balm, toothpaste, pancakes, applesauce (of course). It is a life my girls and I dream about living. Simpler times.

Darla, she is my alter ego, like I said. A CALM, loving, cool and collected Mama of Blossom who sews in her corner and works in her garden and apple orchard. She never ever swears, doesn't think any juvenile thoughts, never loses her temper, and always rises above the less than ideal situation. Yep...I love Darla! I have a link on my side bar labeled "Darla's Corner". This is where I "file" my art and sewing posts. 

In terms of my art, I have a very childlike style of drawing. I love to watercolor. I share it only because, well, I want to. I may not be great at it, but it is my meditation time. A quiet time with Vivaldi playing, a cuppa, candles glowing and my watercolors. 

I love to take video of my life as well and my hubsters edits my footage beautifully. Here is my latest video! You can check out more on my side bar link labeled "videos".

I also love to talk about food. I love to take pictures of what I eat and share recipes. Food, comforting food. Food of love. I base every meal I eat on my mood. It makes each meal more enticing to me. Once I'm done with one meal, I'm thinking about the next one. Not in a freaky sort of way. Cooking is a true passion of mine. Wholesome, delicious roasts with buttered vegetables on the side. An apple tart with extra glaze on top. Salads loaded with the freshest veggies, good quality cheese, homemade dressing is the only kind that will do. This is my health food. Food for the soul. Oh yes!

Gardening. Yes. Flowers. Veg. Herbs. I have started a garden from scratch. It's been quite a challenge where I live. But I have found it extremely rewarding when I get it right!

Children. Life. Love. Food. Kitties. Art. Sew. This is who I am.

Jen, thanks so much for sharing!  
Aren't 'Darla' and 'Blossom' so charming?  And those girls are just precious!!
Please visit Jen at Apple and Orchard then head to Kris's blog to meet Ruth from White Whimsy.
Have a wonderful day! :)


  1. It looks like a wonderful spot to be. I must visit and tell Jen how much I like her drawing!

  2. Beautiful family and very inspiring attitude. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing Jen with us, Susan! I love her drawings ~ the little mouse is so cute. Her daughters are lovely. I am glad to hear she shares the "not so pretty" side of life with her depression. Too often blogs come across as life is perfect.

  4. Susan, It was nice reading Jen's story. Cute family. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  5. So pleased that you featured Jen today, Susan! She is a sweetheart, and her blog is a joy to visit.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. What a fun post about Jen/Darla. Her children are just precious and so is her "alter ego". xo Diana

  7. Hi Susan,
    Love the feature on Jen and her lovely children. Loved the video of farewell to summer. Beautiful. It is so fun to meet Jen and get to know her better.

  8. Love this one. I must visit her blog.

  9. Susan thanks for the introduction to Jen and her blog. I will enjoy reading her posts and think Jen's drawing's are adorable. Heading over now...

  10. I absolutely adore Jen and her blog. She is unbelievably creative and she is as real as it comes. She deserves the shout out! Great feature!

  11. Jen is new to me. I enjoyed visiting her blog and I'm a new follower. Thanks Susan for a great feature.

  12. Visiting and getting to know Jen is going to be a must for this girl! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Cindy

  13. I love Jen!!!! Thank you so much for featuring her as her work and her words are oh so inspiring!!! Way to go Jen! You are such a wonderful person and those girls are so blessed to have such a creative mama! You NEED to write some children's books!!! Such a lovely series you do here!!!!! Nicole xo

  14. This was a wonderful feature!! Jen is a beautiful lady who is very sincere and sweet :)

  15. Lovely feature! Beautiful photos...especially the one with her daughters!

  16. Another lovely blogger. She' s very talented and her family is very sweet.

  17. love her drawings! thanks for sharing another great blogger, susan!

  18. So very nice to meet you Jen! have such a beautiful family and that beauty transcends into your gorgeous artwork!...Great feature Susan...


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