Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Jonni from Jasper's Cottage

Hi, everyone!   Kris from Junk Chic Cottage and I wanted to do a regular feature on our blogs, something unique that hasn't been done before.   So we came up with an idea to 'spotlight the real life behind the blogger' in a more personal way.
There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland, and we thought it would be fun to bring you a closer look at the person behind the blog.

Every week on Saturday we will spotlight a blogger and have them tell us a little bit about themselves and their blogs.  You will be able to see and read about each of the bloggers on both Kris's and my blog. 

I'd like to welcome Jonni from Jasper's Cottage today.
I find Jonni's writing style to be interesting and witty, and I always enjoy her posts!
Please sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know Jonni better.

Thanks, Susan, for inviting me to participate in your Saturday Spotlight!

My name is Jonni (Johnny, like a boy) and I write a little blog called Jasper's Cottage

My blog was named in memory of my beloved golden boy, the light of my life for almost 16 years.

These days I share the cottage with my husband (we just celebrated 29 years together last weekend) and our little guy, Shifu.

I can't believe how quickly these 29 years have flown by. That's us on our wedding day. We're planning (and I will be blogging about) an amazing celebration for our upcoming 30th...we just haven't decided what it will be yet.

My style is a little country, a tad bit boho, a smidgen of cowgirl and a whole mess of vintage. Oh yeah, and I really like hats.

We met in Northern Virginia where we lived for several years but for the last 16 years we've lived along the central coast of California near the cozy village of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Living here provides constant inspiration for a couple of my favorite things - taking pictures of cottage style architecture and doing historical research on the village.


I like to read blogs about decorating and painting so I recently decided to change a few things in our cottage. Of course I started with the kitchen and painted all the cabinets white. Our kitchen is teeny tiny but oh, so cute. It has original pink tile counter tops, which I just love.

After brightening up the kitchen I decided to do a little something with the living room too - painted a bench, added a colorful rug and put up a gallery wall. The wicker furniture has been with us since the beginning and still makes me smile.

I love to travel and blog about it so it was only natural for that theme to appear in the master bedroom.

I can't seem to settle down to just one interest or style so that's why I write about a little of everything at Jasper's Cottage.

I think life is an adventure and I'd love to share it with all of you!

Jonni, thanks so much for sharing with us!
Please visit Jasper's Cottage then head over to Kris's blog to read about Courtney from Golden Boys & Me.
Have a fantastic day!


  1. Thanks Susan for this feature. Jonni looks like she is into the cottage look. Loved her gallery wall. The decaled suitcase is so cute. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Hi Jonni,
    So sweet to meet you. Loved learning that you named your blog after your beloved Jasper. Courtney on my Spotlight today also has Golden Boys. Such beautiful dogs. Love your little Shifu too. How wonderful to live near Carmel. I bet the beauty and history of the area is wonderful. So nice to meet you.

  3. Jonnie is so's great to meet her.
    Mary Alice

  4. What a fun post. Jonnie sounds like she enjoys life and has lots of fun.....with hats and travel and living life! xo Diana

  5. Oooh, Jonni lives in one of my most favorite places - at least on paper. : ) I've never been but love seeing pictures of it and those beautiful storybook houses. Like Jonni, I will be married 30 years come May. Off to visit her blog!

  6. So nice to find a new blogger. I love Carmel too, my sister lived there for years and I visited several times. Welcome to blog land.

  7. Thanks for the intro to Jonni. I am headed over to check out her blog - another California coast girl like me.

    On another note. Thanks for letting me know about blood transfusions for low hemoglobin levels. I spent 13 hours in the ER yesterday, but I came home with 2 units of blood and I am a new woman. My doctor didn't suggest it until Steve called him and said, "Carol is wasting away, DO SOMETHING".

  8. Sorry Susan, that last message was meant for Kris. I was on Spotlight on the Blogger and thought I was at JCC.

  9. Susan,
    So love yours and Kris's Saturday spotlights. Jonnie sounds like a woman who enjoys life and I will certainly check out her blog.

  10. Great to meet Jonni and she lives in an absolutely perfect place! Love that area and her cottage is adorable. I'll stop by her blog and see more!


  11. Very lovely to meet a new swett blogger.

  12. Jonnis lives in one of my favorite areas. Carmel is a delightful place; love the storybook cottages and charming downtown. A beautiful coastal village I'm off to visit her blog now. Thanks, Susan, for spotlighting her. xxx ~ Nancy

  13. Nice to meet you Jonni...can't imagine all the wonderful inspiration you have living near your kitchen transformation!!

  14. great feature, susan! love her cottage style!


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