Monday, July 20, 2015

More Of My Vintage Sunroom

Hi, everyone!

I thought I'd start this week by continuing with my sunroom tour.

Last time, here,  I showed you this little primitive table beside the couch.

We use this cool old factory cart as our coffee table.
(Keith surprised me and stenciled my favorite number on it one weekend when I was out of town!)

On the top I gathered a few of my favorite things.

Most days throughout the warmer months, you'll find me reading or napping on this couch!

I  piled on a mix of pillows-some vintage, some made by friends out of vintage feed sacks.

These vintage lockers in the corner are great storage for my hoards of magazines!

I topped the lockers with a few goodies.

So, there's another section of our well-used sunroom...

I have one more area in this room that I'll show you next time!

Thanks so much for stopping by...have a wonderful day!  :)


  1. Susan, I love the napping couch. All those charming pillows. You have a great view out the windows. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  2. Susan, it's always delightful to see a post from you, but I somehow missed the first update on the sunroom and backtracked to catch up. I love your sunroom, your latest changes, and like you, I use mine in much the same way as you. :) I hope all is well with you and your family. I still follow on FB too. Have a great week.

  3. I love your factory cart being used as a coffee table. i also like the vintage style pillows you have on your sofa. I can see why that room gets a lot of use.

  4. It's always a treat to see pictures of your beautiful sunroom and all your treasures!

  5. *Just KiLLeR* ChiPPy-Rusty WHiTe PLaTTer!*!*!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  6. So perfect! I love all of the beautiful green you get to see outside your sunroom! How wonderful that must be! Enjoy a great week! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  7. Susan, that darling sunroom is calling me for a nap! lol! I love the mixture of pillows and the lockers are wonderful. Always loved your cart and the number is the icing on the cake. Perfect spot!

  8. Hello my friend. So sweet a vignette! Just Love!!! So excited you are back to posting again. Missed all your sweet vignettes. Happy New Week.

  9. Well I'd be out here all the time myself! I LOVE whatever it is that you have covering the sofa -- is it a vintage bedspread? SO pretty -- all of your touches make this a place anyone would want to relax in.

  10. Hi Susan - I would get nothing done if I had a room like this, lol. It is so inviting! Love the neat factory cart and of course, the awesome lockers. Such a great space! Jane

  11. This is such a nice room---so YOU and a relaxing extension of the outdoors. So cool that your guy is so handy stenciling like that!!

    I've missed you! When did you start blogging again?

    Jane x

  12. It's such a beautiful room, Susan. I LOVE the lockers and all the blue accents.

  13. Oh Susan, I love your Sun Room. It is so lovely and relaxing. The factory cart is to die for -. So glad your back blogging, missed you.
    How is your mother doing?

  14. pretty! I love everything especially the beautiful pillows

  15. Hi Susan....I am so loving seeing the beautiful vintage items in this room. You have such a wonderful collection. How sweet of your hubby to stencil those special numbers on the cart for you...such a very spacial and sweet thing to do for you. Looking forward to the other part of this gorgeous room!

  16. oh, I just love this space!! that little sofa and those great lockers. such a great gardeny look!

  17. Your room is beautiful, love it all! But I'm definitely IN LOVE with your coffee table!

  18. Your room is so pretty and cozy!! the old factory cart as your coffee table!! Oh all your pillows too!!

  19. So pretty as always. Such a sweet thing Keith did, love that. Can't wait to see more


  20. Susan, I love how you pulled it all together. It looks great! Milena

  21. I love all the additions on your porch, showing some contrast as well as texture. Great job!
    Just shows how to let a space---morph---into something delicious.

  22. Oh, it looks so beautiful... I love it! Alexandra

  23. Designing a room with a combination of shabby-chic and vintage in mind never fails to achieve great results! I like how soft looking the couch is; the white tone is perfect for the eyes. And that’s an amazing-looking coffee table – I think it’s the center of your sunroom. Overall, this is just amazingly put together. Cheers!

    Essie Reed @ ValleyHomeImprovement


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