Monday, July 27, 2015

The Last of the Sunroom Tour

Good morning, everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Today I'm showing you the last of my sunroom.

This is the 'comfy chair' that Keith uses when we're out here.  (I had the slipcover made for it last year.)

On the one side of the chair is this old chippy wood and enamel topped table.

I placed a large birdcage and watering can on top of it...

...and my no. 3 army trunk underneath it...

...and my large Mother Mary statue beside it.  (She was the catalyst to add touches of blue to this room!)

On the other side of the chair is this little bookcase.

It fits the narrow space perfectly.

I've topped it and filled it with some of my favorite things... ironstone tureens, an old shabby lunch box, and this adorable cherub statue that my mom recently gifted me with!

Above it I hung a chippy vintage frame...

So, there you have it!  Now you've seen all of my updated vintage sunroom!

To refresh your memory, or in case you missed it, here's the rest:

I showed you this area here...

And this area here...

I hope that you enjoyed the little tour!

Thanks for stopping, and have a wonderful day!  :)


  1. This is such a fabulous room, Susan!! I love a comfy place surrounded by favorite collections. I know you must enjoy a lot of time out there!!
    Mary Alice

  2. This is the perfect place to take a book and read it the whole afternoon ♥ Love it... Alexandra

  3. Dreamy. Love the color palette & details. I wouldn't want to leave this room! :)
    Happy new week to you & yours!

  4. I love those pale colors!
    A perfect room!

  5. I so enjoyed your tour!!!! LOVE it all:)
    ~Debra xxx

  6. It's all so very charming with all of the white and pops of blue. I love the Mother Mary statue too!

  7. Your BVM is a beautiful color of blue. I love this room and everything in it.

  8. Ooh, I adore your beautiful and romantic room!! I would never leave's calming.

  9. It looks like a beautiful place to start or end your days! Having a cup of coffer, reading a book or just hanging out to relax, it's definitely a peaceful room! Enjoy! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  10. That is just one beautiful space!

  11. Susan, I love the comfy chair too. I don't think we can enough little book shelves. I like all the cute things you put on yours. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  12. Susan my heart is going pitter patter. I love your sun room, it is PERFECT. Jo

  13. Susan my heart is going pitter patter. I love your sun room, it is PERFECT. Jo

  14. Hi Susan, I love your pretty sun room. I would love to sit there and read a good book! Have a nice week.
    Julie xo

  15. Hi Susan, Love your sun room and all the lovely touches.It's so inviting and comfy in style.
    I hope you finally receive my comment in your inbox. It seems the glitch has finally been found for my blog comments. I had to become a no reply for comments to arrive to inboxes rather then the dashboard where bloggers never knew I had visited. Loved seeing all your sun room posts.
    Have a great week. cm

  16. The whole room is just so pretty!!! And the Mother Mary statue is such a gorgeous shade of blue!!!

  17. Miss kitty looks like she has found her spot!! LOL

  18. YOUR favorite things would be MY favorite things if I had them!!!

  19. I never realized that table had an enamel top, now I love it even more. What a relaxing spot you've created. Enjoy!

  20. Dreamy out there Susan. I love the light that comes in this room too. It all looks so wonderful my friend. Love that sun room of yours.

  21. I love your tours, they make me want to jump right in! Such a cozy room to relax in!

  22. I love seeing your collections. Now, that's a birdcage, beautiful as always


  23. I love your sun room!! And it looks like your kitty approves of the sun room too!!

  24. Susan...just loved the tour of your sunroom and gazing at the beautiful collections you have...always amazed at the many unique pieces you have...your collections make every room in your home so beautiful and interesting....So Susan!....Have a great week!!

  25. It's simply lovely, Susan. Although I was laughing, thinking that sweet Lizzie would leave herself behind on all that white! Then I saw your girl and thought "you must have a system!"

  26. Such a great space to relax in. I love it all! Did you use the same person Kris uses for all her lovely slipcovers? ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  27. Such a beautiful room! It looks like such a peaceful, calm oasis. I can just picture myself sipping lemonade and reading a good book in there!

  28. I love it. What a great place to sit on a beautiful day.

  29. sunrooms are my absolute favorite...maybe because they are so bright and light. Yours looks fantastic. I really like your vintage stuff

  30. Your sunroom looks amazing Susan!! I scrolled through your previous posts so I could see all of it!! I love all of the vintage pieces you've used in the room! You must love being in there!
    Great job!


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