Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Sifter,a Utility Pouch, and a Laundry Cart

(I want to thank A Stroll Thru Life for featuring this post!)
Hi, everyone!  Did you have a good Labor Day weekend?  Keith and I had a nice little getaway, and now I'm back refreshed!  We did some good shopping-I'll be showing you my new finds soon!
I just redid a little area of our front hallway and I thought I'd show you.

It's just a small space and I wanted to do something a little different.  Recently at the flea market I found this old canvas utility pouch with 'Bell system B' printed on it.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it-I just thought it was fun.  When I showed Keith he thought it was cool, too, and suggested that I put flowers in it and hang it.  Gotta love how that man thinks!

So I filled it with some dried lavender and grabbed a chippy sifter that I had upstairs, thinking it would be an interesting backdrop to hang the pouch on.

Then I brought this old laundry cart out of storage in the basement (I got it at the flea market years ago, for a steal I might add) and put it against the wall under the sifter.

I added some grain sacks and linens...

...and there's my new display!  Simple but unexpected, I think.

Here is the view of the hallway looking to the left.

(You get a tiny peek of some changes I've done in our office, which I'll show you another time :)

And here's the view to the right, toward the stairs.

Beyond this to the right is the dining room.

So what do you think of my new little vignette?

Thanks so much for stopping by-have a wonderful day!

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  1. Oh I love it....Love the grater like the frame!

  2. Mmmm, Eye candy! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Love it! So simple and pretty. It's fun how all those pieces fit together so well. I spy a rusty garden gate also in the back ground- very cool!

  4. How do you keep coming up with these ideas - I see a pouch - you see the most beautiful hanging vase for lavender!!!
    I adore this Susan - just gorgeous!

  5. Oh, LOVE ~ Cute, Cute, Cute...
    That laundry cart is SWWWEEETTTT~!!!

  6. Oh I think there is a sifter over at my parents place, I must go see. Love the idea. You inspire me so so much. Have a great day my friend. A surprise heading your way soon!

  7. Love the laundry cart and it looks cute stationed below your bag of flowers. It looks great, Susan. Sounds like you had a nice weekend- xo Diana

  8. That is awesome! I would love to find a piece like that. It is so useful and cool looking at that same time!

  9. Debbie, thanks!! I was excited to find it-it has a funny story, though...I sold it to my friend and then she got tired of it, and I bought it back! Ha! Glad that I did ;)

  10. looooooove that laundry cart!!

  11. Yep, I sure like the way your hubby thinks. The bag is a perfect fit on the sifter and the lavender is the perfect finishing touch. Love the laundry cart too!!

  12. Looks great....don't ya just love it when it all comes together?

  13. Your vignette is beautiful, Susan...I especially love the look of the linens in the old laundry cart...

  14. Susan,
    I have to say it looks so fabulous. Simple but makes a big statement. I can't wait to see the other treasures from your get away. Woooooo Hooooo love those get aways!!!

  15. WOW that looks great! The vignette is very pretty and love the laundry cart.

  16. Your sifter makes a fabulous back drop for your new pouch filled with flowers. That has to be the cutest laundry basket! Perfect! Always love seeing what you're up to, Susan.
    Mary Alice

  17. I am totally in love with the new look. How fun!

  18. ok, that cart is awesome!! love it, susan! looks great with the sifter and that cute pouch!

  19. Looks great love the new look.

  20. Love that combination of things mixed together. So vintage and unique. I love all of the texture it has.

  21. Well girl i feel the same about you!
    Love the wire sifter and I too would find a place for it in my home as for the laundry cart with casters and it would have a canvas insert, this is such a bring back memories of helping with laundry as a young child.

    Your home is filled with inspiring pieces that make a perfect blend in rustic beauty.

    See you soon my friend :)


  22. I love it! It goes so well together and in your house :)

  23. Oh I love that laundry cart..and you had that all this time?!!!...Such a cute idea to place the lavender in the utility pouch.....you find the greatest things Susan!...

  24. The sifter frames the pouch of lavender so well. The laundry cart is something that is always on my wish list.

  25. Cool vignette. What a great laundry basket. Glad it made it's way out of the basement it's so nice.

    I am loving that grate I see in the background. It's fantastic!

    Thanks for the follow. I think I am your newest follower!

  26. Very very nice!! Love the laundry basket!!!

  27. Oh wow...we have the same laundry cart!! Love mine! It's in the laundry room (though I know it's a true multi purpose piece)and it keeps my old towels, rags, etc handy. LOOOOVE that pouch filled with lavender. I miss my lavender from my other house...gonna have to do something about that! Everything looks so eye-catching beautiful! Blessings~~~Roxie

  28. the laundry cart is so cool!! why they don't make things like that anymore??

  29. this is so neat. It looks great but I didn't know about the sifter. I had never seen one like that before. Silly me I was thinking about a kitchen flour sifter.
    I love your style, you are very creative.
    Thanks for sharing, Ginger

  30. Perfection...I love how the simplest ideas say it best!

  31. This is so sweet! I love how it came from things you already had and you have some really neat items! I really like all of the vignettes I can see! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  32. So beautiful.I also love the lavender beautiful beautiful beautiful-love dee x

  33. I love your new little vignette...so pretty!!

  34. The laundry cart is great I would like something like it for my laundry area.

  35. What a pretty vignette.

  36. I love the lavender with the neutral colors in this vignette and the strainer!

  37. This is very cute and creative. The little laundry cart is a fun piece.

  38. Susan, glad you and Keith had a getaway and had a good time! Love what you did with that pouch. Can't wait to see your finds!


  39. Susan,

    This turned out great. I love these idea. You are awesome!


  40. Hi Susan Thank you so much for the visit to my booth at Heritage sorry if it was a mess it gets out of sorts very fast!
    I have to THANK YOU it has been difficult having our daughter away and when I am having a hard day I check your blog and also look at your WONDERFUL home when it was featured on The cottage of the month !!!!!
    You bring me JOY !!!!!
    Hugs !!!!!!!

  41. Your talent knows no bounds.


  42. What a gorgeous post! I love your blog. Thank you for visiting mine so I was able to find you.

    Blessings on your day!

  43. That frame and bag look so great. Simple and unique. I pinned to do later.

  44. Love your new vignette!Especially your laundry cart!Wow what a great find!

  45. I love it Susan! The pouch is unique and I love it hanging on the sifter. The laundry cart is an awesome find too! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  46. It is adorable! Thoughtful husband!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  47. Beautiful and I love the laundry cart.

  48. You not only have the most unique finds, but the way you choose to display and use them is just genius! I love every detail.


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