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Saturday Spotlight: Jann from Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson

Hi, everyone!  Myself and (Kris) Junk Chic Cottage wanted to do a regular feature on our blogs, something unique that hasn't been
 done before.   So we came up with an idea to 'spotlight the real life behind the blogger' in a more personal way.
There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland, and we thought it would be fun to bring you a closer look at the person behind the blog.
Every week on Saturday we will spotlight a blogger and have them tell us a little bit about themselves and their blogs.  You will be able to see and read about each of the bloggers on both Kris's and my blog. 

I've been a fan of Jann's blog 'Have a Daily Cup of Mrs.Olson' since I first began blogging.  I 'accidentally' found her link party and now I link up weekly-her blog is such a joy!  Jann's sunny, cheerful attitude is infectious and she has been such a positive blogging role model for me!  Please sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know her better!

Hi, I am Jann from ‘Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson’.  I feel so honored that Susan asked me to share a little about myself!  I love this series that her and Kris are doing.  I have enjoyed getting to know more about so many bloggers.
I come from a large family of 8 children.  My mom had 5 children (2 girls and 3 boys) then 7 years later had 3 more girls.  Julie, Jeanne, and Jann.  I am the youngest.
(growing up I thought my name was Ju, Je, Jann because mom often said that when she was calling for me.) JK!
She said that heavenly father must have known that us three girls would be her salvation.  She lost daddy when I was only 9 mnths. old.  Although she had to return to the work force, It was caring for us that kept her going. She remarried when I was 7 and he was a wonderful step father.
My sisters thought that I was always ‘babied’  They tease me and say that I couldn’t butter my own toast until I was 13.   Why do it if mama wants to do it for me right?  lol!
I met my husband when I was a senior in high school.  He had just returned home from basic training in the National Guard.
(picture of the two of us at a college dance.  Love that stash!)
I had always said that I didn’t want to marry until I was 23.  Well, the ‘Love Bug’ bit and we were wed when I was 19 and he was 21.
I had my first of 5 children when I was 2l.  What a joy!  My children and 9 grand children are such a blessing in my life.
I have always been a social butterfly and love people!  Although I was very shy around boys that I liked.  When it comes to a party, the more the merrier is my motto!  Hubby is quiet and doesn’t like crowds.  I have pushed him out of his comfort zone.
We both love the outdoors,  and like to hike.  Last June we traveled to Spain and hiked 110 km (in 5 1/2 days) of the Camino Del Santiago.
Our home in Alpine is nestled below our beautiful Utah mountains.  It’s that view that sold me on it 4 years ago.
I absolute love blogging and making new friends.  I thought I would share how it all came about.
In ‘2009’ my youngest daughter, Kylee said, “Mom, you should start a blog.  I think you would have fun sharing your gardening and decorating”.
Ok, now let me tell you, I knew NOTHING about blogging.  With her help, (meaning she set it all up.)  The blog began.
All of you have those cute names for your blogs and then there’s mine.  She said, “You need to pick a name”.  The first thing that bounced into my head was Mrs. Olson from the Folgers commercials.  I always loved that little Swede.  Oh, and her accent, to die for!  So ‘Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson’ was born.
I was hoping that my kids would make my blog their daily cup.  Mama never tires of giving advice.
Now here’s my confession:  I don’t even drink coffee!  I do love the smell, does that count for something?
I blogged for over 2 years for just family and a few friends.  I knew nothing about blog hopping or link parties.  Yeah, I’m a little slow.  Or maybe just a dumb blonde.  In May of ‘20ll’ I read about a blog in a magazine.  From there found a link party.  Oh mama, did my world change!  It was quite comical me trying to figure out how to link up the first time.
I consider myself to be a person who does a lot of things fairly well and nothing really good.
Ever since I became a bride, I have always decorated my home for the holidays.  Love doing it!
Gardening is one of my greatest loves.  Really, it’s therapeutic for me!  My three favorite smells are that of freshly cut grass, dirt, and rainfall.
I could spend hours just sitting outdoors.
I love quilting, although I have slowed down since I started bogging.
I love making crafts and owned a business with a friend where we taught tole painting.  We closed the doors when my hubby was activated for Desert Storm.  My kids needed their mother at home.
I love to cook, although I rarely post about it.
My love for junking has grown stronger with age.  My friends say that they walk down an isle and see nothing.  I walk down the same isle after them and find 5 things.
Vacation Vintage 003_thumb[2]_thumb[2]
I have a new found love for farmhouse style.  We just recently finished our basement and I had so much fun decorating it.
I now host my own link party, “Share Your Cup Thursday”.  It’s all about sharing what makes you happy.
I love life  and am very happy!   I thank God every day for my many blessings!  My goal is to make others happy.  Sharing does that I think!

Jann, thank you so much for sharing more of your personal story with us!
After you visit her at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson, please hop over to Kris's blog to read about Jennifer from Town and Country Living!


  1. Great feature! Jann is one of the sweetest bloggers around. :)

  2. So glad you featured Jann...she is so sweet and I love her blog!!

  3. Jann is such a sweetheart. I loved learning more about her here! Love that college dance photo!

  4. I enjoyed this very much. I was married at 19 as well. We were just babies!

  5. Hi Jann
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures and the personal side of your life. It is so much fun to learn more about you.

  6. Well, I knew I liked you before,Jann, and I like you even better now. That was fun. You are just lovely! xo Diana

  7. It's so nice to read more about Jann! Hearing her history does make her more like an old friend. Great idea!

  8. Thanks for featuring Jann today. Hers is a fun and interesting story. It was nice to hear how she started out in blogging.

  9. Thanks for featuring Jann today. Hers is a fun and interesting story. It was nice to hear how she started out in blogging.

  10. Loved the feature on Jann today....she is one of my faves!

  11. Glad you picked Jann...
    She was actually the first blogger I commented to when I first started. There is just something about her that draws you in and she is so, so, very sweet~!
    Thank you Jann - when I was so frustrated and 'scared' you said a few things that gave me wings~!

  12. Jann is a sweetheart!!! I agree with all the other comments and have to add my own as well. She made me feel very welcome when I was a newbie (still am sort of I guess). The dance photo is adorable!!! Thank you for featuring her, Susan. I loved reading about her background! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  13. Jan is such a down to earth person but lives in a castle in my opinion. She is wonderful!

  14. I love Jann and her blog....her home is gorgeous along with your gardens and i love the scenic background of her magnificent...Jann, I so loved reading your personal must have been so hard for your mom losing your father when you were so young...Thanks Susan for presenting Jann's story today...Have a great weekend Susan and Jann!

  15. What a wonderful feature! Love Jann.....she was one of the first bloggers that made me feel welcome in the blogging world! Never will forget that! She's a special lady in many, many ways!~~Angela

  16. I am a big fan of Jann and loved reading more about her.

    Saturday Spotlite and bacon are how I know it is Saturday.

  17. I am a big fan of Jann and loved reading more about her.

    Saturday Spotlite and bacon are how I know it is Saturday.

  18. Thanks so much ladies and Susan! Must admit, reading this brought a few tears to my eyes. It's now wonder I love you all so much!!!

  19. It's fun getting to know all my favorite bloggers a little bit better. Jann's home is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  20. This is a wonderful feature!!
    Jann is the most sweetest blogger I know

  21. beautiful home and look at those mountains! thanks for sharing jan, susan!!

  22. Great post, Jan! Love getting to know you better. It's always fun to visit your blog and seeing what your latest project is.
    Mary Alice

  23. I love Jann's blog and style. We could be related!

  24. Jann is such a sweet and encouraging blog sister! Thanks for letting her share a bit about herself. Love that dance photo Jann :) Patti

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  26. I love reading Jann's blog and I even got to meet her in person about a week ago. So fun to learn even more about her from this post.

  27. Oh my goodness! That view is to die for! I can't imagine looking out the window and seeing that. It was so wonderful to get to know you better!

  28. That was a really interesting post about Jann. I just started following her this year and have joined her 'party' a few times. Thanks for sharing a bit about your life Jann! Hugs, Pam

  29. I'm a big fan of Jann and it's great to get a little peak into her life

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  31. Great feature! I've followed Jann's blog for about a year now and always enjoy it! I'm so glad that you and Kris decided to do this spotlight! Hugs, Leena


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